Limited Edition “Royal Party”

October 2019 - November 2019

Beauty queens and Insta princesses take note: CATRICE and essence are calling for a big "Royal Party" with 14 new, limited Face and Eyeshadow Palettes - and are bringing their third, limited "Sisterlove" collection to the beauty shelves. All palettes unite various effects and finishes ¬¬– and are each available in two versions: one version with cool colours for the Ice Queen type and a version with warm tones for the Hot Princess type. Fans of the brands will also recognise some well-known bestsellers in the Limited Edition, which are now experiencing a comeback - "reloaded" and in a new outfit.  

The glamorous colours of the Eyeshadow Palettes range from shimmering gold combinations to matt and pearly nude tones to berry shades with cool glitter effects. The matching Face Palettes create a radiant glow and striking accents.  

CATRICE Highlighter Palettes

Inspired by precious metals and iridescent pearls, the two CATRICE Highlighter Palettes provide the face and neckline with a delicate radiance. Based on the bestseller Light Up The Stars, each palette contains three harmoniously aligned baked highlighters in golden, rosé and platinum shades. Thanks to their luxurious silky texture, both Highlighter Palettes underline the individual radiance of the wearer - for naturally beautiful make-up with a soft glow.

Beauty Tip
Silky shimmering highlighters are a must for flawless make-up and a great complexion. The rule here is: less is more. Highlighter shouldn't be applied all over the face, but selectively and sparingly. In addition, the look will appear more natural if no more than three areas of the face are emphasized. Very important: softly blend the highlighter to create a natural glow.

CATRICE Royal Idols & Golden Crowns Eyeshadow Palettes

Diese beiden Lidschatten-Paletten haben mit jeweils 30 Nuancen in matten und schimmernden Texturen eine unwiderstehliche, perfekt aufeinander abgestimmte Farbpracht und damit endlose Kombinationsmöglichkeiten zu bieten. Von den kühleren Champagner- und Taupe-Tönen der Golden Crowns Eyeshadow Palette bis hin zu den warmen Lidschattenfarben in Bronze und Koralle der Royal Idols Eyeshadow Palette – bei dieser luxuriösen Farbauswahl wird die Lust auf umwerfende Make-up Looks sofort geweckt.

Beauty Tip

So macht das Augen-Make-up besonders viel Spaß: 30 verschiedene Lidschattentöne laden zum Ausprobieren ein. Besonders makellos wird der Look, wenn vorher Concealer auf dem Lid aufgetragen und mit einem Puder oder hellen Eyeshadow gesettet wird. Dieser eignet sich zudem auch als Alternative wenn z.B. auf Reisen kein Eyeshadow-Primer zur Hand ist. Für ein schnelles Augen-Make-up einen der helleren Farben großflächig auf dem Lid verteilen. Mit einem angeschrägten Pinsel einen etwas dunkleren Lidschattenton am oberen und unteren Wimpernkranz auftragen und leicht verblenden. Für mehr Intensität dunklere Töne verwenden. Anschließend mit Mascara die Wimpern tuschen. 

essence be royal, not cute! & give me my crown! eyeshadow palettes

Hot-blooded princess or cool queen? This duo has the right answer for both types: the warm nude and soft berry eyeshadow shades of the give me my crown eyeshadow palette let your eyes shine intensively. A cooler eye make-up can be created with the be royal, not cute! eyeshadow palette. Thanks to velvety textures and high pigmentation, 12 shimmering and six matt eyeshadow colours each can be combined to create long-lasting and expressive make-up looks.

Beauty Tip
The eyes instantly gain charisma with gorgeous eye make-up. When choosing the colour, the eye colour offers orientation. Apricot and rosé shades are flattering for blue eyes. Berry tones and purple eyeshadows look great with green eyes. Beauty lovers with brown eyes can go wild with eyeshadows in brown shades and gold.  

essence contouring & highlighter palettes

Contouring & highlighting at its best! With the six shades of essence's limited Contouring Palette, you can emphasize selected facial features. Light and darker tones set highlights and provide your cheekbones with depth. The new essence Highlighter Palette, on the other hand, sets glowy accents with six expressive colours and fine, light-reflecting pigments. With its champagne, gold and rosé tones, the palette flatters every skin type and conjures-up a flawless make-up look. 

Beauty Tip
Contouring and highlighting like a pro! First, apply primer and foundation as well as a little powder so that the complexion looks smooth and even. Then capture one of the darker contouring powders with the flat side of a cosmetics brush and apply below the cheekbones (from the center of the ear towards the corner of the mouth). Take a medium tone and apply above the brows with the tip of the brush and sweep it upwards towards the temples. Use a different contouring powder to brush along the edge of the face. Finally, accentuate selected facial features with the highlighter shades.

essence glitter show eyeshadow palettes

Glitter on, baby! These two eyeshadow palettes make a true statement thanks to their eye-catching transparent packaging with glitter particles. The pink glitter show version offers 12 mostly warm, rosy and earthy shades, while the silver glitter show version offers 12 cool shades of silver and grey. The effects range from matt to pearly and are suitable for more discreet daytime looks as well as for individual styles in the evening. 

Beauty Tip
Twelve tones for perfect eye make-up! Here's how it works: apply a light eyeshadow shade to prep the lid. Next, choose a darker colour and sweep it from the outer corner of the eye towards the crease of the lid and blend. To add depth, accentuate the lash line with a dark shade. Apply mascara on the lashes to complete the look.   

essence party eyeshadow palettes

Packaging goals! These two essence eyeshadow palettes are not only an eye-catcher because of their colours and textures. The packaging is covered in glittering sequins and sparkles in the most gorgeous colours. The 28 eyeshadows each range from shimmering rosé and gold tones in the royal party eyeshadow palette to matt, smokey and pearly nude shades in the supreme party eyeshadow palette. This allows you to create discreet, subtle looks as well as more dramatic eye make-up styles. The large integrated mirror is perfect for short touch ups - and with the packaging, you'll be the absolute party queen on the go and among your friends. We love it!

Beauty Tip
What's a must at any party? Smokey Eyes! Use a base first to keep them looking gorgeous for a long time. Then trace a line along the upper and lower lash line with a dark eyeshadow shade and blend it into a smokey finish. Apply a light colour on the motionless lid up to the brows and blend. Sweep a darker eyeshadow shade along the moveable part of the lid towards the outer corner of the eye. Blend the transition of the applied tones with a medium shade. Apply a shimmering eyeshadow underneath the brows and on the inner corner of the eye. Finally, add a touch of mascara or false lashes.