Limited Edition "Astrology"

March 2019 - June 2019

Exciting planetary constellations, meaningful ascendants or the signs of the zodiac - the CATRICE Limited Edition "Astrology" is all about the stars. Just in time for the end of the year, the Limited Edition offers three beauty products for a perfect look at the most festive time of the year. The glamorous gold and brown nuances of the Eye Palette conjure-up an attractive eye make-up style, the Face Palette contains everything from highlighter to blush to contouring powder for a beautiful complexion and the Kabuki Brush is the ideal tool to apply the soft powder textures. The minimalist design of the cosmetic products in black with golden illustrations of the twelve zodiac signs looks elegant and promises exciting star constellations in the New Year.

Eye Palette

The Eye Shadow Palette unites twelve matte, shimmering and sparkling eye shadow shades to create glamorous eye make-up styles. The colours of the eye shadow are perfectly aligned, colour-intensive and highly pigmented. These characteristics and the two integrated mirrors make the Eye Shadow Palette the perfect addition to any make-up collection.

Beauty Tip
No matter whether monochrome or Smokey Eyes - there are no limits to your imagination. The matte, shimmering and sparkling eye shadow colours can be worn individually or in combination. To make the eye make-up last longer and enhance the intensity, it's best to apply a base first. Then select a shade and spread it evenly over the moveable part of the lid. For a more expressive look, moisten the Eyeshadow Brush with a make-up spray when using the shimmering and sparkling colours. For multiple eye shadow shades: blend softly and create subtle transitions.

Face Palette

The Face Palette offers two shimmering highlighters, a blush in a delicate rosé shade and a contouring shade. This ensures a perfect make-up look in a flash - and a fresh and radiant complexion. Thanks to the practical magnetic clasp and the two integrated mirrors, the all-in-one palette is also an ideal companion on the go.

Beauty Tip
Perfect face make-up is guaranteed with this palette. Before contouring, create a flawless base with foundation first and gently powder the face, then apply the contour colour with a contouring brush. Blend upwards to give the face a gorgeous shape and optimal dimension. Then simply dip a powder brush into the blush, tap off any excess colour pigments on the back of the hand and apply the colour to the "apples of the cheeks" and blend softly towards the temples. The two shimmering highlighters create a perfect glow. Use a small brush or your fingers to pick up some highlighter powder and accentuate the raised areas of the face - such as the cheekbones or under the brow arch - and gently smudge the powder.

Kabuki Brush

The Kabuki Brush ensures a perfect finish. It can blend different powder textures with a fantastic airbrush effect. The extra wide brush with flattened, voluminous bristles is ultra-soft and a real eye-catcher thanks to its cool design.

Beauty Tip
Whether mineral powder, blush or bronzer - the Kabuki brush allows a smooth application of powder textures and conjures-up a radiant complexion. For perfect results: capture the powder with the Kabuki brush, then gently tap the brush to loosen excess particles and apply to the skin in large circular movements. Clean the make-up brush regularly.