Limited Edition "Astrology"

March 2019 June 2019


Limited Edition “BAM BROW”

November 2018 January 2019

The eyebrow trend is still going strong in Fall 2018! But instead of perfectly styled statement brows, it’s all about soft, natural shapes this season. Full brows are still all the rage, but they should look nice and natural, so put away the tweezers and welcome the “textured brow”! The Limited Edition “BAM BROW“ by CATRICE is the ideal companion: two must-have products to create a natural and expressive look. The Brow Boost Serum stimulates hair growth and ensures visibly fuller, pampered brows. Effortlessly fill in any gaps with the duo Brow Pro Pen and achieve especially smooth results thanks to its waxy texture and mini brush. For beautiful moments – by CATRICE.

Limited Edition “BLURRED LINES”

October 2018 December 2018

CATRICE brings the filter effect of a selfie to life! When we take a selfie, we use filters and apps to turn our look into small works of art in a flash. Our make-up can do that, too! No matter whether mousse, primer or powder – with CATRICE “BLURRED LINES”, you can perfect your complexion in no time at all! The skin-refining blur products conceal small skin flaws and ensure a smooth and flawless finish – for a perfect #nofilter look.

Limited Edition "#INSTASHAPE"

August 2018 October 2018

Contouring is still one of the biggest Beauty Trends and it’s an essential part of every trend-conscious Insta Beauty’s daily make-up routine: with Body Contouring, Tantouring (contouring with self-tanning lotion) and Bronzing, the Limited Edition #INSTAshape by CATRICE unites three Beauty Trends to create a perfect summer look. Unusual application forms and creamy textures ensure a defined Beach Body and perfectly accentuated facial features. Two versatile make-up tools to perfectly emphasize different face shapes complement the Limited Edition.

Limited Edition “Kaviar Gauche”

July 2018 September 2018

Kaviar Gauche is one of the most popular fashion labels in Germany and is best known for its romantic wedding dresses. CATRICE is collaborating with Kaviar Gauche for the third time in a row and has created exclusive products and beauty tools within the framework of this collaboration. A professional brush collection consisting of four high quality brushes with synthetic bristles and a brush bag is complemented by a golden highlighter and a harmoniously coordinated eye shadow palette. The Kaviar Gauche design is not only found on the packaging of the products, it is also embossed on the textures. The colour scheme consists of delicate nude and rosé tones for a subtle and at the same time festive look.

Limited Edition "Genderless"

April 2018 May 2018

From the beginning of February to mid March 2018, numerous trend products for make-up with no limits are hitting the stores with the Limited Edition “Genderless” by CATRICE. Many international designers are currently using the credo “No Gender, No Limits” as the inspiration for their collections and are consciously sending a strong signal for more freedom. Gender segregation is being perceived as more and more out-dated – a mind-set that requires the matching make-up! With this Limited Edition, CATRICE is giving everyone the opportunity for self-realisation. Seven unique products for the eyes, lips and face create confident looks for a modern me.

Limited Edition "Blush Flush"

April 2018 April 2018

Draping, which means contouring the face with different blush shades, is currently the most popular make-up trend on the international catwalks. The collections of internationally renowned designers are shining in a totally new light thanks to red and pink blush variations. With the CATRICE Limited Edition “Blush Flush”, the catwalk make-up is brought to a wearable level. Subtle colour gradients in multi-faceted blush tones as well as different textures allow individual blending techniques that naturally sculpt the face and provide highlights – the results are vibrant and edgy.

Limited Edition “It Pieces”

February 2018 April 2018

Create palettes with just one click: from September 2017, the new Art Couleurs Eyeshadows by CATRICE offers a professional system to put together personalized Eyeshadow Palettes. Ten click-in eyeshadows, three of which are Highlighting Eyeshadows, can be exchanged quickly and easily – ideal for “on the go“. Afterwards, a selection of these products will be joining the CATRICE standard range.

Limited Edition "It Pieces HOLO graphic"

March 2018 March 2018

In January 2018, the Limited Edition “It Pieces HOLO graphic” by CATRICE offers numerous trend-products with a view to the upcoming Spring/Summer Season. Holographic as well as prismatic textures ensure spectacular effects for the eyes, lips, face and nails. Highlighters in various formulas offer endless ways to individually apply trendy make-up techniques like Highlighting, Strobing and co. for creative make-up styles. Afterwards, the products will be joining the standard CATRICE range.