TUTORIAL: Sweat-Proof Make Up

Get active: Longlasting Beauty Look without smudging or streaking

No matter whether a workout at the gym, a long day at work or a nights out partying - the especially longlasting, waterproof and sweat-proof CATRICE Beauty Highlights are ideal for all situations where reliable make-up is a must.

The following steps show you how to create a look that allows you to go to the limit during your workout or day-to-day life:

Step 1

Create a waterproof basis

Used in combination, the HD Liquid Coverage Foundation and the Prime And Fine Make Up Transformer Drops Waterproof ensure a natural and waterproof complexion that lasts up to 24 hours: as soon as they are mixed with foundation, the Transformer Drops turn liquid make-up waterproof.

First, apply a few drops of foundation on the back of your hand, then add a few Transformer Drops and mix them together. Next, apply on the face and work into the skin with a foundation brush.

Step 2

Define the brows

The practical Brow Hero 2in1 Brow Pomade & Camouflage Waterproof makes the brows stand out to give the look a perfect frame.

First, fill any gaps in the brows with the dark pomade using the slanted end of the Duo Eyebrow Defining Brush to make them look thicker. Next, outline the contours of the brows with the light concealer of the pomade and blend softly.

Finally, use the brush end of the Duo Eyebrow Defining Brush to shape the brows.

Step 3

Emphasize the eyes: add eyeliner

For eye make-up that can handle all activities, trace the Liquid Liner Waterproof along your upper lashline.

Step 4

Emphasize the eyes: apply mascara

Apply a coat of the Rock Couture Extreme Volume Mascara Lifestyleproof 24H. The waterproof, deep-black mascara is the Beauty Essential for all day-to-day situations: it provides volume and is tear, sport and sweat resistant.

Step 5

Statement lips: create a colour-intense base

A longlasting, intensive lip colour completes the look. The Aqua Ink Lipliner 040 Back To The Fuchsia  provides the ideal basis: first, outline the lips with the lipliner and then fill them in completely.

Step 6

Statement lips: accentuate with lipstick

Next, gently apply the matching Ultimate Matt Lipstick 100 Fairy Berry on top of the lips.

Step 7

Set the look in place

For a perfect finish, spray the Prime And Fine Anti-Shine Fixing Spray onto the face – the refreshing, mattifying spray additionally extends the durability of the look.