TUTORIAL: Holiday Glam Make-Up

How to: Expressive Look for the Festive Season

Glam up your holidays! Bring even more glamour to your holidays with this festive make-up look. Make sure that all eyes are on you with the following easy steps:

Step 1

Create a base with liquid eyeshadow

First, apply the Liquid Shadow Waterproof 030 Fearless on the entire moveable part of the lid and along the lower lash line. Next, blend the liquid copper tone so that it softly fades out.

Step 2

Define the Eyes

To give the eye more dimension, use a brush to apply the shade "Big Bang" from the Pro Neon Earth Slim Eyeshadow Palette from the outer corner of the eye and along the lower lash line and blend.

Step 3

Set Highlights

Next, dab the golden glitter shade of the Pro Neon Earth Slim Eyeshadow Palette onto the center of the moveable part of your lid as a highlight with your finger - this will make your eyes look even brighter.

Step 4

Apply mascara

Go for lashes to kill - apply a coat of the Lashes To Kill Sexy Volume Mascara on your lashes. The deep black mascara shapes them and provides instant length and volume.

Step 5

Poreless finish

Apply the Poreless Perfection Mousse Foundation on your cheeks with your fingers and spread evenly to create a smooth and poreless skin texture.

Pro tip: For a flawless finish, use a shade of Instant Awake Concealer and the 3 Steps To Contour Palette that matches your skin tone.

Step 6

Dress your Lips

Finally, gently dab the Full Satin Lipstick 020 Full of Dreams onto your lips with your fingers to round off the look and keep the focus on your sparkling eyes.

Now glam your holidays!

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