‚Polaris’ – the STRENESSE Fall | Winter 2018 | 2019 Collection irradiates the spirit of the legendary borderland of Island.

© Gero Breloer

The mystic air and longing for nature it enlivens, serve as inspiration and are indicative of the direction for the choice of Materials. The cornerstones of the collection: coats, sportswear jackets in various Nylon material with big collars and elaborately crafted Parkas.

Tailoring elements, implemented with Flannel or Velvet, are structural pillars of the collection. An exciting mix between volumes and form hugging shapes, mattes, shiny and metallic effects.

Rococo meets the digital world

Classic rococo elements provide the twist with very modern and artificial fabrics, thus creating today’s look. Luxurious materials with "haute couture" character provide the foundation for reinterpreting the current sportswear trend.

© Gero Breloer

Traditionally crafted blazers in luxurious wool are combined with voluminous jogging trousers and embroidered voile shirts.

The range of blazers ends with doubled organza models over long transparent dresses combined with filigree Japanese lace ribbons.

Together with the blazers, the sportily patched jackets are the key pieces in combination with the new voluminous trousers or pleated skirts.

Transparency is important for drawing attention to components used with great sensitivity: the lingerie look, which is executed in a stretch viscose yarn.

A very unusual rococo-style print provides additional hints of colour and lends an opulent look to the collection.

Colour palette: white / ecru, silver-grey, cream with black to an intense, cold yellow.