SILIKONSKA gobica za make up

(15 Ocene)
  • Silikonska gobica
  • Za nanos tekočih tekstur
  • Enostavno čiščenje
  • Vegansko

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Blending Essential. The professional silicon sponge is ideal for the application of liquid as well as creamy textures like make-up, foundation, concealer, bronzer, highlighter or blush. Top benefit: the material doesn’t absorb liquids and is easy to clean, so it is especially hygienic. The drop form design ensures that the blender optimally adapts to the shape of the face so that textures can even be applied on hard-to-reach areas like the side of the nose or the corners of the eyes. To clean, simply rinse the SILICONIC Make Up Blender with warm water.

Beauty Tip
Since the SILICONIC Make Up Blender doesn’t absorb textures, it can be used as a surface to mix products such as foundation. So if the foundation is too dark or too light for your complexion, you can mix various shades hygienically using the washable Blender as the surface. Next, apply the foundation straight from the Blender – this way, one product can be used for two purposes!

15 Ocene



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