CC Care & Conceal

06 Perfecting Pale Almond
(2 Голоса)
  • Специальная укрепляющая формула с кератином
  • Может быть использовано в качестве базового покрытия, либо как классический лак для ногтей
  • Укрепляет ногти и сглаживает неровности
06 Perfecting Pale Almond

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3 Benefits. 1 Product. This innovative, special polish with keratin can be used as a colour-balancing Base Coat and as a classic nude polish, and it strengthens the nails at the same time. CC Care & Conceal nail polishes are the ideal preparation for a perfect manicure, work as a ridge filler and even out colour irregularities. Applied in two layers, they create an elegant nude look and optically lengthen the nails. The texture is fast-drying for beautifully groomed nails. The polish is available in several shades to suit every skin tone.

2 Голоса


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