Лимитированные коллекции


март 2017 - Май 2017

Добрый день, модницы!

Готовимся к весне вместе - новая лимитированная серия, которую я создала в коллаборации с брендом CATRICE, перекликается с основными мотивами моей модной коллекции сезона Весна/Лето 2017 и будет доступна в продаже в апреле-мае.

В этом сезоне я вдохновляюсь разноцветными крыльями бабочек, яркими цветочными лепестками и перламутровыми жемчужинами. Представьте себе жаркий летний день на Лазурном Берегу - все самые красочные впечатления и эмоции нашли отражение в новой коллекции. И, конечно, не обошлось без моей любимой фирменной детали - многочисленных ремешков с пряжками.

Помады в нежно-розовом и нюдовом оттенках, идеально подобранная палитра трендовых оттенков теней для век и восхитительный хайлайтер в формате изысканных сияющих жемчужин - мы отлично подготовились к весне!

Ваша Марина


The Eye Shadow Palette offers three powder eyeshadows in white champagne, pink and brown with a shimmering finish as well as matt black. The perfectly aligned trend colours are sure to turn any eye make-up style into a true eye-catcher. The packaging in white and rosé gold has an elegant appearance: the belt buckles and the “Marina Hoermanseder“ lettering immediately associate the Eye Shadow Palette with the young designer’s style. Thanks to the practical mirror in the lid, it’s also ideal for carrying around in your handbag!

C01 EYEconic Straps | 4,99 €*

Beauty Tip

It’s best to prime the lid with an Eyeshadow Base. This creates a smooth basis for the products. Powdery textures are ideally applied on the eyelids with an Eye Shadow Brush. The best choice for natural transitions on the moveable part of the lid and in the crease is a special Blender Brush, which has slanted edges to make blending even easier.

Cream Blush

The creamy texture of the blush has a slightly powdery finish and blends effortlessly. A fresh complexion is guaranteed with the intensive pink shade. Powder textures are great for layering. It’s best to apply just a little product for each layer to enhance the effect step by step. The practical packaging allows a simple, quick application and turns the Cream Blush into THE “on the go” product amongst the blushes.

C01 Blushed Blossom | 3,99 €*

Beauty Tip

Thanks to its rounded shape and practical packaging, the blush can be applied without any additional tools. Simply blend with the fingertips and work it into the foundation for a natural-looking finish. Always apply creamy products before formulas with a powder texture so that they blend easily.

Lip Colour

Two lipsticks in premium, rosé gold packaging ensure glossy lips par excellence. The creamy formula allows a smooth application for a fabulous look in soft nude or pink with an intensive colour-dispersion. Combined with a colour-coordinated lip liner, the two shades complement any make-up style with either a light coverage or with a colour-intense finish.

C01 Rose Bloom | 4,99 €*
C02 Fuchsia's Flower | 4,99 €*

Beauty Tip

It’s best to choose the lipstick to go with the individual make-up style. If the make-up on the area around the eyes is subtle, don’t hesitate to reach for a bold lip colour. For smokey eyes or a false lash look, the colour of the lipstick should be more reserved. If the eyes and lips are both accentuated, the make-up can quickly look overloaded. This can be avoided by focusing on just one specific area.

Highlighting Brush

The premium, soft and thick bristles are ideal for applying and blending powder textures. The ergonomic shape of the brush lets it sit easily in the hand while the curved tip fits into the tub of the Highlighter Pearls perfectly. The Highlighting Brush adapts to the shape of the face, applies the highlighter and blends it into the blush at the same time.

Highlighting Brush | 4,49 €*

Highlighting Pearls

Thanks to the light reflecting pigments, the fine shimmer pearls create a radiant glow. The soft focus effect ensures a smooth, flawless complexion. The elegant look of the tub is in line with the premium design of the Limited Edition and convinces with its white and rosé gold colour combination.

C01 Crystal Skin | 3,99 €*

Beauty Tip

The pink pearls make the complexion look nice and fresh while the golden pearls ensure a healthy glow. Finely ground textures like the dust of the Highlighter Pearls can be applied with a Powder Brush or a Blush Brush to create an all-over glow. To set targeted accents, either use a Fan Brush or an Eye Shadow Brush that blends powder evenly.

Nail Lacquer

The nail polishes in four spring shades have an impressive matt or glossy finish and convince with their longlasting formula. Light beige with a matt effect, intensive pink, warm orange and pastel blue turn the nails into a No. 1 eye-catcher. In an exclusive packaging with a slim silhouette, rosé lid and belt-buckle design, these Nail Lacquers are sure to stand out in any collection.

C01 Fuchsia’s Flower | 2,99 €*
C02 Nectarine Butterfly | 2,99 €*
C03 Côte D’Azur-Flair | 2,99 €*
C04 Garden View | 2,99 €*

Beauty Tip

Nail polish can be flexibly adjusted to suit your requirements and outfit: glossy top coats give matt polishes a glossy finish, while nails with a shiny effect can be given a cool matt look with the corresponding top coat.

Beauty Bag

The soft touch bag with a unique belt design offers space to store the most important beauty companions like lipstick, mascara or powder. Made of premium material with a unique design and a gorgeous rosé gold zipper, it bears the unmistakable signature style of the successful designer from Austria. The Beauty Bag is reminiscent of Marina Hoermanseder’s fashion designs, which are already coveted as absolute must-haves by many celebrities.

Beauty Bag | 4,99 €*