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There are no limited editions available at the moment. However, our broad range offers a large selection of products in fashionable as well as classic shades for various looks. 


Limited Edition "SunGASM"

June 2020 August 2020

Summer is finally here – and that puts you in the mood for skirts, shorts and off-the-shoulder dresses. No matter which outfit you choose: the look is perfect when the skin has a gorgeous holiday glow. With the new Limited Edition "SUNGASM," CATRICE offers a selection of beauty products to easily achieve a sun-kissed complexion from June to July 2020. The products can be used to create both a subtle and an intensive summer tan with a shimmering effect on the whole body.

Limited Edition "Minnie & Daisy"

March 2020 May 2020

If you're a fan of pop culture icons, there's no getting around these two cult figures and probably the most famous animated BFFs of all time: Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck. Whether on fashion items or accessories, the two cheerful Disney characters have been a modern classic for a long time. Now they have also inspired CATRICE to create a collection: From mid-March to mid-April, the CATRICE Limited Edition Minnie & Daisy is available with a total of six trendy mini nail polishes, two highly pigmented eyeshadow palettes and an eye brush set – all in the design of the famous Disney duo.

Limited Edition "It Pieces"

January 2020 March 2020

Nowadays, naturalness inside and out is the ultimate beauty credo. After all, inner beauty also radiates to our outer appearance – so there's no need for multiple layers of make-up. With the right beauty helpers, we can emphasize our individual beauty in a natural way, without looking like we're wearing make-up at first glance. Natural perfection is also ensured by the Instant Awake Concealer, which is available in five colours in the standard range.