Your label stands for knits with a distinct sense of quality. What fascinates you most about materials like cashmere and co. every season?

I am fascinated by the finesse and the diverse character of cashmere - the king of fibres - and of natural fibres like silk, alpaca and yak. Creating knit designs is especially appealing because you can concentrate on the individual surfaces and structures first before thinking about the silhouette and the outer shape. This allows us to transform the fine, delicate threads into something totally new every season, which makes this job so incredibly diverse and varied!

When did you first realise that you want to work in fashion?

I have been designing knit collections since 1991. I was responsible for designs at labels including Escada Sport, Iris von Arnim and Claudia Schiffer before I established my own cashmere label SMINFINITY in Hamburg in 2014. My passion started a long time ago, I started knitting and crocheting as a child and I designed my first patterns sitting at the kitchen table at the age of 13.

Please give us quick description of your current collection.

The title of the Autumn/Winter Collection 2017/2018 is Chromatic Twist. Inspired by Bauhaus design, it's all about the twisting yarns, colours and shapes.

Which knit key piece shouldn't be missing in anyone's wardrobe?

A casual rib-knit cardigan in a boyfriend style and super-soft, cashmere pants.

What do you pay special attention to in your choice of materials?

I make sure that precious natural fibres such as cashmere, silk, super-fine merino wool, alpaca and yak are all of premium quality, and that the materials are carefully handled during the entire productions process in order to create favourite items that last a long time.

How important is make-up to you in the presentation of your designs?

Our look is very purist and clean - so it is important to support this statement with a subtle make-up style.