Limited Edition "TANSATION"

July 2020 - September 2020

Endless horizons, fairy-tales from 1001 Arabian Nights and golden sand dunes - this is what makes the desert so fascinating. In the summer of 2020, CATRICE unites this magic in the Limited Edition "TANsation". Whether glamorous eyeshadow palettes, bronzers for a sun-kissed look or the perfect brush set for a flawless complexion - from July to August 2020, CATRICE is bringing the miracles of the desert to the beauty shelves.

Good to know: Much less new plastic was used in the production of the packaging for this Limited Edition. For example, the packaging of the CATRICE Bronzing Babe Of The Dunes Maxi Baked Bronzing Powders Face & Body requires 95 percent less "Virgin Plastics."** But that's not all: As part of the Limited Edition "TANsation," the sister brands are supporting the initiative Plastics For Change with a donation of 35,000 US dollars. The goal: Carelessly disposed of plastics should be brought back into the cycle as valuable recyclates with two collection points for ocean plastic waste.

** compared to the same packaging if it is made entirely of plastic.

Bronzing Babe Of The Dunes Maxi Baked Bronzing Powder Face & Body

It’s bronzing time! This bronzing powder doesn't just give your face a unique glow. Thanks to its light, baked texture, the intense bronze tones blend with soft shimmering pigments to give your whole body a subtly tanned and radiant complexion.

Beauty tip:
This bronzer is a real all-round talent: Not only does it give your face and body a fantastic summer glow, it can also easily be applied as an eyeshadow using a small brush to complete your look.

Desert Dunes 6 Colour Bronzing & Highlighting Palette

The ultra-fine and gentle texture of the three highlighters and bronzers in the Desert Dunes Palette practically melts with the skin upon application, creating an extraordinary glow and a naturally sun-kissed look. Depending on the occasion, the shades can be built up and thus intensified.

Beauty tip:
With their matt finish, the bronzers are ideal for contouring and emphasizing your own unique facial features. The rosé, champagne and gold highlighter shades provide your make-up with additional shimmering accents for professional-looking contouring.

Destination Desert 6 Face & Eye Brush Set

For looks that make you shine as brightly as the sun: With three smaller brushes for precision eye make-up styles and three larger face brushes for a flawless complexion, the set offers you all the basics you need for your everyday make-up. The synthetic bristles are ultra-soft and their handles in a modern rosé gold turn them into stylish accessories on your dressing table.

Beauty tip:
To make sure that your brushes produce perfect results for a long time, you should wash them every one or two weeks. It is best to pour a little brush cleanser or a mild shampoo into the palm of your hand, moisten the brush and then dip it gently into the liquid in the palm of your hand. Do this until no more colour comes out of the brush. Then place the brush on a clean towel to dry. And here's a cool DIY tip: The high-quality paper box with a desert print is a stylish way to store your new favourite brushes - at home or while travelling!

Golden Sand Face & Body Maxi Brush

Hello perfect finish! Whether powder, bronzer or highlighter - this maxi-brush in a rosé gold design feels super gentle on the skin thanks to its soft, dense bristles and distributes both powder and liquid textures very delicately in no time at all. With its special shape, it is not only a trendy eye-catcher, but also lies comfortably in the hand.

Beauty tip:
With this Maxi Brush, a true all-rounder is joining your beauty collection: If you apply powder as well as highlighter or bronzer with the universal tool, it is best to clean the brush in between applications to avoid patchy results.

Reach Up For The Sunrise 18 Colour Eyeshadow Palette Warm Tones

Let yourself be whisked away into the unique fairy-tale worlds of "1001 Arabian Nights!" This beautiful eyeshadow palette with 18 trend colours in matt, shimmering and marbled effects is highly pigmented and easy to blend. It also offers all the nuances you need for a glamorous and expressive look with a wow-effect: From soft rosé and nude shades to bright pink and yellow shades.

Beauty tip:
For perfect sun-kissed eye make-up with an irresistibly radiant look, dab a shimmering eyeshadow on the inner corner of your eye as a highlight - this gives the eyes even more sparkle.

Sunshine Heat Me Up 18 Colour Eyeshadow Palette Neutral Tones

It’s getting hot in your make-up routine! Because this palette features unique earth tones such as a matt orange, shimmering gold or a noble dark grey and is perfect for soft, warm looks that look like they have been kissed by the sun. The gorgeous eyeshadow palette offers a total of 18 trend colours in matt, shimmering and marbled effects, which are highly pigmented and easy to apply.

Beauty tip:
To give your eye a maximum of dimension and depth, apply a shimmering shade on the moveable part of the lid. For the crease, reach for a darker, matt shade - your eyeshadow will look like it was applied by a make-up artist.

Sunshine On My Shoulders Body Shimmering Dry Oil

In the mood for some holiday spirit? With its exotic coconut fragrance, the Body Shimmering Dry Oil brings warming sunrays and a summery flair to your home. At the same time, it intensively pampers the skin and creates a delicate shimmer effect - for unique glowy accents on the décolleté, shoulders and co.

Beauty tip:
Especially in summer, we all long for a bronze, sun-kissed look - because that's the best way to really make your favourite summer dress stand out. Thanks to the Body Shimmering Dry Oil, this can now even be achieved without sunbathing: Simply apply a little product on your fingertips and spread it gently on the skin. For a very unique effect, only use the Body Oil to set fine accents and highlight the contours of your neckline.