Lash Couture Face Pearls

Lash Couture Face Pearls Lash Couture Face Pearls
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  • Self-adhesive pearls for a delicate make-up look
  • For a quick and easy application
  • Can be seperated and used as single pearls
Lash Couture Face Pearls Lash Couture Face Pearls

This product is no longer available.

The Face Pearls enhance the make-up look with soft and elegant highlights. With the self-adhesive, arranged designs of the Face Pearls, a wow-factor is achieved in no time at all. Applied individually, they also set gorgeous, luxurious accents. The Face Pearls stick particularly well when applied on thoroughly cleansed and grease-free skin. Simply position on the desired area and set the pearls in place by pressing lightly with your finger.

Beauty Tip
For that extra special touch: The Face Pearls are ideal for transforming subtle eye make-up into an elegant glamour look. Thanks to their easy application, the Pearls are also always ready for use when you're on the go. This way, even natural make-up can turn into a luxurious beauty moment in a flash!


Warning: Do not apply to sensitive or irritated skin. Keep out of reach of children.

Face pearls. Peel off the sticker with the pearls from the clear sheet. Apply onto clean and oil-free skin and press down.

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