Limited Edition "Lash Couture"

April 2021 - May 2021

All Eyes on me – because nothing is quite as captivating as a breathtaking lash look! The CATRICE Limited Edition “Lash Couture” offers everything you need for expressive make-up looks and there are no limits to your creativity: Five different designs of the Lash Couture 3D False Lashes offer the perfect pair for everyone – from natural to dramatic. And special eye-catching moments are ensured by the Face Jewels and Face Pearls in the Limited Edition. They are self-adhesive, so they’re really easy to apply. The Limited Edition will be available from January to February 2021.

Lash Couture 3D False Lashes

The perfect lash look is guaranteed with the Lash Couture 3D False Lashes by CATRICE! In five high-quality versions made out of fine synthetic hair, the Fake Lashes create perfect lashes with a 3D effect – from natural to dramatic – and set the ideal stage for every eye make-up look. The lash strip can easily be applied using the reusable lash glue and visibly disappears after application.

Lash Couture Face Jewels

What can make eye make-up even more exciting? Sparkling accents! Whether as a show stopper to go with a nude look or a dramatic Smokey Eye: The self-adhesive Face Jewels can be attached in the form of an arrangement or applied individually to provide that extra special touch.

Lash Couture Face Pearls

The Face Pearls enhance the make-up look with soft and elegant highlights. With the self-adhesive, arranged designs of the Face Pearls, a wow-factor is achieved in no time at all. Applied individually, they also set gorgeous, luxurious accents. The Face Pearls stick particularly well when applied on thoroughly cleansed and grease-free skin. Simply position on the desired area and set the pearls in place by pressing lightly with your finger.