Limited Edition “LASH! BOOM! BANG!”

March 2019 - May 2019

Full and perfectly curved eyelashes are what every woman dreams of. They make your eyes look more open and alert and give them a beautiful frame. Your own lashes already get an upgrade with a mascara, but a really glamorous look with an extravagant wow-effect can only be achieved with false lashes. With the Limited Edition "LASH! BOOM! BANG!", CATRICE is offering five different versions of false lashes. No matter whether for the office or for the next party: the styles of the lashes range from discreet and natural to voluminous and extravagant. In addition, an eyelash glue and a high-quality eyelash curler offer the right tools for beautiful lashes with a perfect curl. And the best thing about the Limited Edition: all products are free of animal testing as well as vegan.

False Lashes

These false lashes make costly eyelash extensions and the application of serums a thing of the past: The five versions from discreet to dramatic ensure a true wow-effect. The eye make-up instantly looks more expressive and every flutter of the lashes is more intensive.

Beauty Tip
False eyelashes make every look more glamorous in seconds. Here's how it works: Carefully grasp the lashes with a pair of tweezers and cut them to the right length. Cut only from the back of the lashes to maintain their shape. Then apply a thin layer of eyelash glue (e.g. LASH! BOOM! BANG! Lash Glue) to the lash band and allow to dry briefly. Lower your eyes slightly, position the artificial eyelashes directly on the edge of the lashes and press down lightly with the end of the tweezers. Finally, apply mascara to the lashes in order to connect your own lashes optimally with the artificial ones.

Lash Curler

A lash curler is absolutely essential when it comes to perfectly curved eyelashes that stay in shape all day! This eyelash curler is the ideal tool because the ergonomic design offers easy handling for smooth and beautifully shaped eyelashes - even for non-pros.

Beauty Tip
The most important thing when using a lash curler: only use on the lashes before applying mascara, otherwise they might break. Hold the curler directly infront of the open eye and capture the lashes as close to the edge of the lashes as possible. Wait around 20 seconds and then open the curler again. Immediately afterwards, apply mascara or the false lashes. For even longer durability, warm up the lash curler slightly with a hair dryer before use and also use a waterproof mascara.

Lash Glue

Reach for those false lashes! Nothing can go wrong with this lash glue: it securely attaches false lashes, won’t leave any traces behind and dries fast.

Beauty Tip
For best results, mattify the area around the eyes with an oil-absorbing tissue. After applying the Flase Lashes, the already transparent glue can be covered with eyeliner. To remove the lashes, simply soak a cotton pad with eye make-up remover, gently press it against the eye and let the eye make-up remover absorb for a few seconds. Then you can easily remove the false lashes with tweezers.