Limited Edition "JEWEL OVERLOAD"

November 2020 - February 2021

We can't get enough of sparkling, glittering jewels this winter: The CATRICE Limited Edition "Jewel Overload" offers two fascinating new Eyeshadow Palettes in gold and ruby shades as well as three Eyeshadow Brushes in a luxurious design. The glamorous Eyeshadow Palettes with their nine perfectly aligned shades and various effects provide everything needed for a stunning eyeshadow look. The three matching brushes in a shiny gold design with jewel adornments are an ideal complement to the collection and guarantee an optimal application.

Jewel Overload Eye Blender Brush

The JEWEL OVERLOAD Eyeshadow Brushes captivate with their luxurious jewellery decoration. But that's not all: Each of the three brushes features high-quality synthetic bristles, absorbs eyeshadow colours optimally and transfers the powdery textures to the lids perfectly. While the Eye Blender Brush creates soft, smooth eyeshadow looks and the Smudger Brush softly blends the eyeshadow along the lower lash line, the Precision Eye Brush allows the exact placement of the eyeshadow for a defined look.

Jewel Overload Eyeshadow Palette

Elegant gold and extravagant red shades: The CATRICE JEWEL OVERLOAD Eyeshadow Palettes offer matt, shimmering and sparkling shades that are perfectly colour-coordinated. And it‘s not just the nine eyeshadows each but also the design of the palettes that are sure to make your eyes shine – because the palettes sparkle in elegant gold and silver.