TUTORIAL: Holographic Glow

Beauty Trend: Statement look with holographic effects

Holographic glow, iridescent nail polishes or shimmering effects for eyes and lips – „Holographic“ is the beauty trend of the season. Highlighters in various formulas offer endless ways to create individual looks.

The following steps show how to apply holographic effects for the ultimate statement look: 

Step 1

Create an all over glow

First, create a radiant complexion with the Galactic Highlighter Drops: use the applicator to apply targeted drops of the liquid highlighter on the cheeks and forehead. Blend the highlighter by gently patting it into the skin. The light-reflecting pigments ensure a fresh look and give the complexion a soft shimmer. 

Step 2

Emphasize the eyes: Green Eyeshadow

Next, the eyes are emphasized with the SpectraLight Eyeshadow Glow Kit 020 The last Unicorn. The special Eyeshadow Kit contains three baked highlighting eyeshadows, including one metallic and two holographic textures each for eye make-up styles with an extra glow. 

Sweep the green shade of the Eyeshadow Kit across the entire movable part of the lid with the applicator. 

Step 3

Emphasize the eyes: Violet Eyeshadow

Next, apply the violet eyeshadow from the SpectraLight Eyeshadow Glow Kit 020 The last Unicorn underneath the lower lashline, starting at the inner corner of the eye and blending outwards.

Step 4

Emphasize the eyes: Silver Eyeshadow

Now it's time to set highlights with the silver eyeshadow from the SpectraLight Eyeshadow Glow Kit 020 The last Unicorn: use a finger to dab the eyeshadow on the upper lid and the inner corners of the eyes. 

Step 5

Highlight the cheeks

For additional highlights with a holographic shimmer, glide the Holo To Prisma Holographic Stick over the cheekbones. Thanks to the practical stick shape, the creamy, silver texture is easy to apply and blend. 

Step 6

Radiant Finish

Use the Galaxy In A Box Holographic Glow Palette to give the skin a radiant, holographic glow. The palette with four holographic highlighters is sure to create a prismatic glow in seconds. 

First, apply one of the darker blush shades on the cheeks with the Multitalent Brush. Next, set highlights on the cheekbones, bridge of the nose and Cupid's bow of the lips using the lightest shade of the palette. 

Step 7

Holographic Lips

Finally, give the lips a prismatic shine with the Prisma Lip Glaze 070 You're so Holo. The lips instantly look more voluminous to perfectly complete this Statement Look. 

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