By Wolf Club

The entire traffic light system in Berlin Mitte was down, so you can just imagine the chaos on the roads. I was already fidgeting in my seat in the taxi and my stomach was starting to sink. I was so scared that I would get caught in the traffic and miss Marina Hoermanseder’s presentation. Marina is and always has been my personal highlight of the Fashion Week. I would have declined just about any invitation to be able to see her show. I couldn’t believe my luck when I discovered the e-mail with the official invitation. Have you ever been given tickets to go see your favourite band in concert? That’s pretty much how I felt! So you can imagine how happy I was when we made it to the location on time after all. I walked through a building site to get to the Kronprinzenpalais, and ended up in the garden where the show was taking place!

As soon as the curtain rose, you could see that Marina Hoermanseder had managed to do something that no other designer could, in my opinion – she had created her own world. The atmosphere was totally relaxed, sophisticated and had little in common with the usual hustle and bustle of the Fashion Week and the noise of the big city. Drinks were served as the audience with an affinity for fashion waited for the presentation to begin on the catwalk in the garden. The catwalk consisted of a white wooden floor that wound itself around small lime trees in front of mirrored walls.

My expectations of the collection were completely fulfilled! Works of art made of leather in its most gorgeous shapes and colours were shown on the catwalk. Blouses, belts and skirts were adorned with small leather butterflies and flowers, and the bags also bore the unmistakable signature of the designer. I especially loved the small bucket bags with the typical leather straps. Instead of being held by the handle, the bags were attached to the wrists of the models with broad bracelets – gorgeous!

Of course, a lot of the guests in the front row like Lisa Banholzer from Blogger Bazaar and Nina Suess were wearing Marina Hoermanseder. The necklace adorned with flowers is especially beautiful, I seem to have developed a penchant for the accessories designed by Marina Hoermanseder.

My Inspiration: 

Fashion: Wear more blouses. In this collection, the artistic leather pieces were worn with classic blouses, which made the looks effortless and wearable. 

Make-up: To go with the summery colours of the collection, some of the models were wearing orange eyeliner and lips in soft nude. The rest of the look was kept very natural and a highlighter created a natural glow on the faces of the models. You’ll find instructions on how to create the look here: