TUTORIAL: Glass Skin

Beauty Tip: Go for the Glow

Korean Beauty alert! The Beauty Trend Glass Skin from Korea is all about a radiant skin that almost looks as if it is covered by a layer of glass thanks to moisturising primer and foundation. The following steps show how the fresh all-over glow can be created quickly and easily.

Step 1

Create a shimmering base

To prepare the skin for make-up and give it a gentle glow, mix the Prime & Fine Aqua Fresh Hydro Primer with a drop of Golden Dust Highlighter Drops on the back of your hand and apply evenly on the face. The primer with bamboo water extends the durability of the make-up and hydrates the skin while the Highlighter Drops provide a gentle glow.

Step 2

Apply moisturizing foundation

Next, apply the HD Liquid Radiance Foundation with the Triangle Artist Beauty Sponge. The ultra-light, moisturizing foundation with a soft focus effect ensures a fresh, healthy looking complexion.

Step 3

Set highlights

To create an intense glow, apply the 3D Glow Highlighter 020 Icy Glaze on the cheekbones, the bridge of the nose and the lip arch using the Triangle Artist Highlighter Brush and blend.

Step 4

High shine finish for the lips

Finally, apply the Generation Plump & Shine Lip Gloss 050 Pink Topaz on the lips. The Lip Gloss with a high shine finish visibly plumps the lips