Style Secrets


The design duo Otto Droegsler/ Joerg Ehrlich live on a farm in the countryside, which serves as a safe haven and point of inspiration after many business trips to big cities. London is always a fixture, several times a year. But stores like A.GI.EMME in Como are also very inspiring. For the personal wardrobe as well as for the feel for fashion that the store conveys. London’s vibrant Eastend and Shoreditch are full of inspiration. No matter whether for the look of the crowd or for browsing through vintage stores, there is always a point that goes click in the heads of the designers. Paris and Stockholm shouldn’t be forgotten either. ODEEH has a very cosmopolitan way of thinking, is influenced by everything, and interprets the currents of the trends.

But the designers’ rose garden, which includes rare historic roses, also offers impulses for their prints, floral designs and colours. Nature and naturalness are reflected in the look by ODEEH. Often accentuated with a daring lipstick or unusual nail polish. We personally find it best and most effective when there is only ONE cosmetic accent to perfect the look. For outfits, we love a breach of style. An army parka with a pencil skirt and stilettos is a great example of this, or a lumberjack shirt combined in an edgy way. With an intense lipstick OR a dramatic eyeliner. “Create your own style!”


Since I have to fight my way through the Berlin traffic and the Eastern wind by bike on a daily basis to go to my early morning ballet training or head to Jivamukti in the “Alte Backfabrik” with my yoga matt before starting my work day, my “daily look” needs to be practical: a black turtleneck, jeans. Or a pleated skirt and leggings. A must: flat shoes. Simple high boots in the winter, the laced “Cross” shoes by Trippen during the transition period, ballerinas in the summer.

My morning beauty ritual is very important to me, too. A stimulating hot/cold shower, “Tonucia shampoo” by Furterer, “British rose” shower gel and body butter with the same name. Complemented by a hint of “Splendida Rose” by Bulgari (yes, I’m a fan of roses). Just as important: the make-up. This includes red lips, black eyeliner, my current favourite eye shadow palette “The Precious Copper Collection” by CATRICE – and: red toe nails… - even in the wintertime.

When I go out it’s mostly to vernissages - or I meet friends for an Apero at “Contandino Sotto le Stelle Mozzarella Bar” in the Augustusstreet or at “La Premiata Ditta” on the Rosenthaler Platz. The Venetian “La Pecora Nera” in Neuköln is also absolutely amazing… I can’t deny it: I’ve fallen for the Italians. Not surprising: before I studied fashion, I lived in Venice for six months and worked for the couturier Stefano Nicolao. During this time, I learnt to love the “Serenissima”. I fly there regularly to enjoy the lack of traffic noise, the view of the lagoon and Ciccetti with Baccalà. Far from the tourists, of course. I’m happy to provide insider tips on demand.

Last but not least, a little trade secret: fabric needs to be treated with respect, flair, courtesy, patience…- and passion! In other words: Don’t kill me, I am in love!


The Strenesse design team gets a lot of its inspiration from nature with its constant changes. This is reflected in the new AW collection 2018/19: the Antarctica, the northern lights, the icy cold force of nature but also the mystique, beauty and longing can be found in the new collection. Their style secret is clear: simply me!

A dress style that underlines one’s own personality, doesn’t disguise or bend into shape, feeling comfortable in one’s outfit. High quality materials and a perfect fit play a significant role for the team. Luxurious accessories but also individual pieces of jewellery enhance any outfit and reflect the wearer’s personality. The same goes for make-up, it should never conceal one’s own personality. Less is often more.


Since I don’t really like wearing trousers, I mainly wear skirts and dresses for work and leisure.

I love flared dresses, and especially our Rainbow Strap Skirt. Combined with a loose, soft top, the tight-fitting shape of the skirt instantly creates a feminine silhouette and emphasizes the waistline. Zara Basics are perfect for tops.

Then I add a statement bag like our Kasper Stripes Bag and the look is complete.

I like to upgrade simple outfits with elegant, high-quality shoes. The suede Oaxacana pumps by Christian Louboutin are especially eye-catching.

If I’m looking for something truly extraordinary, I like to go to Alexander McQueen as his extravagant designs are a great source of inspiration.


The striped shirt. It is my daily companion because it is so versatile. Depending on how you combine it and turn up the sleeves, it can either look classic or casual. The Alma Shirt always makes me look good, no matter what the situation.

Old Chinese films whisk me away into another world. They make me dream and inspire me with their stories from a different era. I love the colours and the music that go with the nostalgic tales.

My lambskin slippers are the most comfortable shoes that I own and accompany me indoors as well as outdoors. Wearing them feels like walking on clouds, and they’re always an eye-catcher.

Workwear has a big influence on my collections. Many of my looks are inspired by the simple cuts. I love the idea of pure functionality and practical details.

Gold is a must. In my opinion, the warm colour adds a perfect balance of elegance and coolness to any wardrobe. Personally, I wear a lot of gold jewellery, I never leave the house without it!


For the new S/S 2018 Collection, I have finally designed my first womenswear collection, which is inspired by my menswear designs as well as the style of aviation pioneer Amelia Earhart. In doing so, I have also revealed my style secrets. I like the architectural construction, clarity and, so to speak, the sober austerity expressed by the classic menswear, which I have translated into the womenswear for my label.

As far as labels go, I am still a big fan of Veronique Branquinho, for whom I interned during my time as a student. At the moment, I also really like Dries van Noten, who has designed some strong collections over the past few seasons. Both are from Antwerp.

My last purchases: there is a fantastic charity shop around the corner from my atelier. I recently discovered a great pair of pleated trousers by Zegna made of fine, light wool there. I like to combine them with a merino jumper from my own collection and white Birkenstock sandals or Chelsea boots as well as a light oversized coat, probably from the 80’s, which I also found in the charity shop.


Flowers are sure to put everyone in a good mood – every day and at any time of year. You can find gorgeous bouquets at Marsano, for example.

Mykonos is our favourite place to spend the summer. This season, we have a pop-up store there. Of course, sandals by Ancient Greek Sandals are a must! The model Clio Pearls in platinum makes us wish that we were back at the beach.

The inspiration for the perfumes by Coqui Coqui spring from their origins: originally established as a resort on the Mexican peninsula of Yucatan, each scent reflects a part of it. Our favourite is Coco Coco, which instantly catapults us back to paradise.

Why sunglasses? It’s simple. They give each of our outfits that extra-special touch. It doesn’t even matter whether the sun is shining. We usually find our favourite models at Andy Wolf.

In the evening, we exchange our sandals for high-heels. And we always take one of our kimonos along with us wherever we go.