1. I preferably design …

dresses, coats, scarves

2. CATRICE is:

a beautiful cosmetic brand. I am proud to be a part of the CATRICE family

3. Which type of woman inspires you the most?

Every single girl who loves fashion

4. How would you describe your current collection?

cheeky goes classic

5. Do you have a favourite piece in your current collection, if so: which one and why?

My new all over leo print. Why? Because it’s gorgeous. More is more, less is bore.

6. Which item of clothing won't we be able to avoid in 2017?

My DT Victor Sweater

7. What is the most important accessory for every woman?

A DT Bauhaus scarve 

Again, Dawid Tomaszewski presents his Autumn/ Winter Collection 2016 at the platform of the Berliner Mode Salon (Berlin Fashion Salon). In the interview, he talks about the meaning of the event, his source of inspiration and the upcoming fashion year 2016.

As part of the Berliner Mode Salons (Berlin Fashion Salon), Dawid Tomaszewski presents his womenswear for Spring/ Summer 2016. CATRICE has checked with the designer what fashion means to him and where he gets his inspiration from: