Tutorial: Colour Correcting

Here's how the new beauty trend works

Things are about to get colourful with the new beauty trend colour correcting: cover and neutralise skin irregularities, redness and dark circles under the eyes in a targeted manner with colour camouflage creams or concealers. 

Colour Correcting is based on colour theory using the principle of complementary colours: two specific colours cancel each other out to create a neutral tone.   

Redness can therefore be neutralised with a green cover product. Bluish shadows under the eyes, on the other hand, can be counteracted with a yellow concealer.  

Follow the next steps for perfect colour correcting results. Insider tip: for a smooth and flawless complexion, carry out steps 1 to 3 on half of the face at first – this way, it's easier to see the effect achieved. After colour correcting, don't forget to neutralise the skin tone with a concealer.  

At a glance

Colour Correcting Basics