Tutorial: Glitterizer

HOW TO: Statement Look with Glitter Effects

Glitter on! Sparkling glitter effects and shimmering highlights are among the Beauty Trends this season. The following steps show how to create the ultimate Trend Look in no time at all with the versatile Glitterizer Mix'N'Match Eyeshadow Palette.

Step 1

Intensify brows

Well-defined eyebrows set the perfect frame for this look: First, put Brow Colorist Semi-Permanent Brow Mascara to your brows. The mascara is based on a longlasting gel formula that has a tint effect on the eyebrows – if you use the mascara regularly, it gradually tints the eyebrows.

Step 2

Define brows with concealer

Now define your brows with the HD Liquid Coverage Precision Concealer: Draw a thin line underneath your brows using the thin brush applicator and blend it slightly.

Step 3

Prime your eyes

To ensure that your eyeshadow has extended durability and a more intense effect, apply the Eye Foundation Waterproof Eyeshadow Primer to your eyelids and gently work it into your skin. The creamy eyeshadow base can easily be applied with the help of the practical flock applicator.

Step 4

Create glitter effects

Next, it is time to accentuate your eyes with the Glitterizer Mix `N´ Match Eyeshadow Palette. Apart from two black bases and two top coats with either a holo or a glitter effect, this versatile palette also contains four highly pigmented glittering shades.

First, use the two reddish shades with glitter effect. Appy the lighter shade of red to the eyelid crease with a soft brush and blend it in.

Then, use a brush with a narrower tip to apply the eyeshadow along the lower lashline as well.

Afterwards, put the darker shade of red on the outer angle of the upper and lower eyelids and blend it in.

Step 5

Set metalic accents

Now emphasize the moveable part of the eyelid with metallic effects: Apply the Liquid Metal Longlasting Cream Eyeshadow 020 Champagne Shower to the inner half of the upper eyelid. Next, using a small brush, dab a small amount of the eyeshadow on the inner corner of the eyelid.

Step 6

Apply eyeliner

An expressive eyelid line completes your eye-makeup: Draw a bold line above the upper lashline with the Liquid Liner Waterproof.

Step 7

Dab some glitter for a sparkling finish

Use the Glitterizer Mix `N´ Match Eyeshadow Palette again to round off your look – the shades of the palette can also be used to create highlights. Use your finger to dab some glitter top coat on the arch of your lips.