1. Please give us a quick description of your label GOETZE.

G O E T Z E identifies formal as well as informal connotations of essential men's clothing. Historical precedencies of menswear are united with daily aspects of contemporary masculinity with special highlights from sports and work wear, and are merged with high-quality materials and traditional workmanship to create a modern wardrobe.

2. What does your typical workday look like?

Over the past few weeks, a typical workday has consisted of getting up early, dealing with all the organisational details at the atelier first, then creating new designs, choosing fabrics/materials, fitting the new designs and patterns with tailors, putting collections together and manufacturing sample items. And between all that: lunches with friends or business partners.

3. What do you personally like to wear most?

GOETZE, of course! I usually wear a suit combination with black ribbed knit, and either a casual top or blazer. And sneakers.

4. What does being a part of DBMS mean to you?

As a Berlin designer, it is nice to be able to present my designs in Berlin. The DBMS is a great platform!

5. Is there currently a fashion or make-up trend that you are particularly fond of?

I like it simple. Pretty, natural make-up with a healthy, radiant complexion, black mascara, bright orange-red or matt lipstick.

6. Will you reveal your personal KEY PIECE of your collection?

The boxy camel fleece jacket

7. Is there a city besides Berlin that really inspires you?

Since I did my Master's Degree in London, the city is still very important to me and I always look forward to being there.