Tutorial: Hot Cut Crease

HOW TO: Expressive Eye Make-Up

Eyecatcher: With the make-up technique Cut Crease, eye shadows are clearly separated from each other in the crease of the lid to make the eyes appear larger and give them more depth. The following steps show how to create an intensive look with warm bronze nuances that accentuate the eyes and add expression:

Step 1

Create a flawless base

The moussy-light Prime And Fine Poreless Blur Primer with an instant soft focus effect provides a smooth, visibly almost pore-free complexion: simply apply a small amount on any areas with skin irregularities or enlarged pores with your fingers and gently massage into the skin.

This effect works especially well around the eye area - the eye make-up won't smudge, wrinkles are reduced and redness is neutralised.

Step 2

Balance out any irregularities

Now apply the #Insta To Go Blur Stick to the cheekbones and blend - this minimizes fine lines, wrinkles and enlarged pores in seconds and gives the skin a soft, silky shimmer.

Step 3

Prime your eyes

To enhance the colour-intensity of the eye shadows and extend their durability, apply the Eye Foundation Waterproof Eyeshadow Primer to the eyelids with the applicator and spread evenly with the fingers.

Step 4

Go for bronze

Next, make the eyes stand out with the bronze shades from the Blazing Bronze Collection Eyeshadow Palette: first, use a soft brush to apply the third shade from the left on the moveable part of the lid until well above the crease and upwards towards the brow.

Then apply the second shade from the left with a firmer eye shadow brush along the crease of the lid and also blend.

Step 5

Cut crease

Using the accurate brush applicator of the HD Liquid Coverage Precision Concealer, apply the concealer along the crease of the lid with a sharp edge on the moveable part of the lid.

Now apply the lightest shade of the Blazing Bronze Collection Eyeshadow Palette on the moveable part of the lid on top of the concealer with an eye shadow brush.

Then emphasize the inner corner of the eye with the highlighter shade.

Step 6

Apply eyeliner

To give the look more drama, draw a winged line along the upper lash line with the Liquid Eyeliner Waterproof. Using the fine felt tip of the eyeliner, you can create accurate, effective eyeliner strokes in no time at all.

Step 7

Accenttuate the lips

Apply the Mattlover Lipstick Pen 060 Top It With Cinnamon on the lips as the basis for an expressive lip look. The highly pigmented, matt texture of the lipstick pen glides onto the lips accurately and leaves them feeling ultra-light.

Step 8

Dewy finish

As the final step, the lips are given a Dewy Finish: simply dab the Dewy-ful Lips Conditioning Lip Butter 040 Dew You Care? onto the lips. The smooth texture with caring shea butter provides a natural-looking glossy effect and gives the lips volume.

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