Limited Edition "THE.DEWY.ROUTINE"

May 2018 - July 2018

Fresh from the red carpet, the international catwalks and the world of Social Media: the popular Dewy Look. Inspired by fresh morning dew, the make-up trend has found its way into daily beauty routines around the world. The Limited Edition “THE.DEWY.ROUTINE.” by CATRICE offers the perfect products for a radiant and healthy glow at any time of day. Morning Dew, Sunkissed Dew and Midnight Dew – three concepts, each with a dropper, a powder and a stick. The Limited Edition is complemented by two professional brushes, perfectly aligned to their different applications. Dewy Look – all day long!


A professional face brush for the application of primers and liquid make-up textures. The ergonomic shape makes it easy to use - ideal for a targeted or all-over application. Made of high-quality, synthetic bristles.

Beauty Tip
Brushes with synthetic bristles allow an especially professional and clean application of liquid textures. The bristles are easy to clean because the make-up only lies on the surface of the brush without penetrating the structure of the bristles. Make-up artists recommend cleaning your brushes regularly with a mild shampoo. Simply let the shampoo absorb briefly, rinse with clear water and then leave to dry.


Premium brush with a special head and reservoir for a targeted dosage. The shape of the brush head allows an accurate and selective application of liquid highlighters. Made of high-quality, synthetic bristles.

Beauty Tip
Pros recommend that you apply liquid highlighter with a precision brush to avoid sharp edges and ensure natural-looking transitions. Medium-sized brushes with a rounded head like the Precision Brush are true all-rounders as they let you get to hard-to-reach areas, for example, around the eyes. With just a few strokes of the brush, you can apply the highlighter exactly where you want it for a wide-awake look: in the inner corners of the eyes and on the highest point of the brow arch.


24/7 with the perfectly aligned highlighter sticks: the day begins with a fresh wet-look, the skin is given a summery touch in the afternoon and in the evening, it’s time for a showdown with a holographic glow. All three versions have a dewy effect. The practical stick shape turns the product into an ideal companion when you’re on the go.

Beauty Tip
Highlighter pens are best known for delivering particularly accurate and targeted results. Thanks to their practical shape, they are ideal when you’re on the go or in a hurry. Simply accentuate the areas of the face that you want to emphasize and then blend the soft texture with your fingers. Depending on the shade and intensity of the application, you can create a subtle glow or set intensive highlights.


Three liquid highlighter textures – each assigned to a specific time of day – with a dewy effect: lighter in the morning, sun-kissed in the afternoon and with an intensive holographic glow in the evening. It can be worn solo or mixed with foundation, provides the face with contour and gives the complexion a natural glow.

Beauty Tip
Highlighters capture the light and visibly model the facial features. The cheekbones can be made to look more pronounced, the nose slimmer and the lips fuller. Simply apply the highlighter where the natural light falls – on the highest point of the cheekbones and brows. A further highlight in the inner corners of the eyes ensures a wide-awake look, a soft stroke on the bridge of the nose makes it appear slimmer and a drop on the cupid’s bow of the lips visibly adds volume.


Ultra-fine face powder for a dewy look in three versions: a soft glow for the morning hours, a summery bronze shimmer for the afternoon sun and strong holographic effects for the evening. Captures the light and gives the skin an especially natural-looking glow.

Beauty Tip
Powder highlighters are perfect newbie products for the trendy Dewy Look as they offer especially natural-looking results. They won’t leave behind any sharp edges or transitions and are popular with make-up artists for setting special accents on the collarbone and décolleté. Simply apply the powder along the collarbone and – for even more contour – visibly deepen the groove behind the bone with bronzer to enhance the hollow effect.