After the fancy trip to WILLIAM FANS childhood room, we head to the bus stop, where WILLIAM FAN is already waiting for the bus, which will take him to the neighbour village where his parents had their restaurant.

© Gero Breloer

Arrived at the restaurant, WILLIAM FAN heads to his relied table 1 and begins to do his homework. Slowly the first guests arrive for dinner.
Fascinated by the scene, WILLIAM FAN observes the different characters from the distance . Whether it is the elegantly dressed lady, the extended family or his mother walking towards the tables to take the orders. The scenery resembles an interplay of different storylines that allow visitors to interact anonymously with one another.

The diversity of the people and the variety of their outward appearance inspires WILLIAM FAN for his current AW18 collection. His environment, such as furnishings, smells and noises, plays an important role in this context as well. We listen to the background conversations that merge with the slight clink of the kitchen to a consistent sound. These visits are always a special occasion - both for WILLIAM FAN, as well as for the guests.

The mix of workwear and fine evening wardrobe is a important component of WILLIAM FANS AW18 collection. Everyday objects are transformed into design objects. This is how a typical fortune cookie is remodeled into the significant “Fortune Bag” or the classic Waiter Apron, a multi-purpose bib that can be draped in many different ways.

The interplay of elaborate materials and classic tailoring is unmistakably of great importance this season as well. Lurex meets brocade, Teddy meets sequins. The familiar WILLIAM FAN Glencheck brings a new zeitgeist through layering and the interaction of all surfaces.

FAN DYNASTY pays homage to William's parents who came to Europe from Hong Kong in the 60s. It was the first generation of Chinese restaurants opened in Germany. WILLIAM FAN tries to recall a time when an evening visit to a restaurant was an occasion to stage oneself and to consciously dress in chic style. Not only gastronomic visits were celebrated as a special event, they were also a melting pot of different characters and nations.

‚Garbsen Reloaded‘

The trip to lively and hectic Chinatown is over. After a dynamic afternoon, the story of William Fan continues to his home village, his parents house:

© Gero Breloer

Vacant country roads, farm landscapes and a bus stop across the street stimulated his desire to explore larger cities. As though time has stopped since the departure from the small village of Garbsen, the new SS18 collection takes us back to the designer's teenage room. The walls are adorned with old drawings and photos from the late 1990s and early 2000s, with the hits of that time playing in the background. The old CD's, posters with pop idols and the childishly chaotic furnishings have almost nostalgic features. Reminiscing in memories, the upcoming season playfully revives the juvenile euphoria. In the past when one was completely fine without the Internet, a TV was the window to reality. Television channels like MTV and VIVA coined pop culture at the time and was impressionable in Fan’s development from an adolescent to adult.

With a nearly forgotten ease and fun of experimenting, Fan leads us through his personal journey of the 2000s into the present where he brings his quiet parents' home without Wifi and Instagram back to life again. With great love and a sense of homesickness, Fan shows us the beauty of re-turning to your own origin and how to draw new inspiration from the formerly mundane comforts.

The ss18 collection is a homage to the youth in the 2000's. It combines elements from sports, hip-hop and rural influences. Fan explores pinstriped denim, checked fine wools and techno metallic’s in a fusion of strong colours. The cuts are a playful collage of old drawings and current shapes juxtaposing the past and present day.

Influenced by the carefree, spirited youth,“Garbsen Reloaded“ brings back the ease and joy of getting dressed.

Afternoon Stories

After a slight detour into the exciting nightlife of the city and the calm and smooth impressions onthe morning after, we are invited to a place where different dynamics and characters mingle to continue their daily routine - the busy and multifarious streets of Chinatown.

© Gero Breloer

A bank assistant has a snack at a dumpling-bar, a businesswoman picks up her laundry at the cleaner’s and gets herself a manicure at a nail bar, somebody else does the shopping at a supermarket. In Chinatown you find everyone and everything - a colorful interplay of different characters and clichés. Demonstrating a hectic activity which symbolizes the emerging speed ofour society - the inner impulse to achieve the most efficient time- and success management.

The autumn-winter-collection of William Fan is experimental, noisy and colorful. Based on and inspired by the varied and vivid area of Chinatown, Fan’s collection is an intense contrast to the lightness of ‚The Day After‘ for spring-summer season of 2017. The silhouettes become wider and larger, the whole setting appeals dramatic and vibrant - an elaborate interaction of distinct textures and particular appliqués.

The Day After

The present collection of WILLIAM FAN Spring/Summer 2017 is a continuation of the last Autumn/Winter collection 2016/2017. The theme of ‚FANcy‘ was ‚Kung Fu meets Disco‘. Everything showed the euphoria of exciting nightlife.

© Gero Breloer

The coming Spring/Summer collection is all about the day after long nights of party. It describes how various characters customize the next day. Some people go directly to the office without any sleep at all. Others stay at home to relax and to recharge energy.

This natural collection contrasts to the glamorous Autumn/Winter 2016/2017 collection because of its domestic character. The look is comfortable and accessible. It also focuses on simplicity and functionality which is typical for WILLIAM FAN. Furthermore the collection gets enlarged by a new product line which consists of organic shaped furnitures made by a small manufactory in Brandenburg. The atmosphere is inspired by interior-scenes from the 60ties and 70ties. It shows an interplay of different materials. Fabrics and materials one would rather expect inside the living space are integrated in clothing. It generates a feeling of merging with the space one actually lives in. The idea is to take this feeling of comfort into your daily life routine.

From now on one can not only experience the world of WILLIAM FAN by wearing it but also by actually living in it.

Autumn/Winter Collection 2016

The Autumn/Winter Collection 2016 is inspired by Bruce Lee, the martial arts master of modernity, and the glamour of 70’s disco. Kung Fu precision meets the adventurous and wild studio 54 dancing era, combining the traditional silhouettes of Chinese films with the elegance of disco nightlife.

William Fan creates a monument for the beauty of serendipitous movement. The fabrics he uses in this collection seem to change their surfaces organically, adjusting to the momentum of different actions - everything is in flux. The new models excel in the exciting combination of materials; cashmere in combination with virgin wool, heavy velvet united with light flowing silk. Disco sexiness meets calm rationality. In his collections, functionality always has a unique aesthetic, giving everything a graceful kind of purpose. The buttonholes of a classic William Fan mandarin blouse are invisibly hidden, captivating the sense of a classic uniform, where every little piece has a reason to exist.

As a wanderer between two different worlds, William Fan creates the perfect clothes for long winter days that accidentally turn into long and wild nights. His Autumn/Winter Collection 2016 is thereby an ode to the basics that make every single life situation a little more extraordinary.