Limited Edition “It Pieces”

Maret 2018 - April 2018

Create palettes with just one click: from September 2017, the new Art Couleurs Eyeshadows by CATRICE offers a professional system to put together personalized Eyeshadow Palettes. Ten click-in eyeshadows, three of which are Highlighting Eyeshadows, can be exchanged quickly and easily – ideal for “on the go“. Afterwards, a selection of these products will be joining the CATRICE standard range.

Art Couleurs Collection Palette

Treasure Chest. The high-quality empty palette with an integrated mirror on the inside offers room for four individually selectable Art Couleurs eyeshadows. The eyeshadows can be exchanged easily and rearranged at any time with the innovative click-in/click out mechanism.

Art Couleurs Eyeshadows

Mix & Match. The click-in eyeshadows offer convincing matt and metallic effects as well as a long-lasting, highly pigmented powder texture with intensive coverage. Thanks to the innovative click-in/click-out mechanism, the eyeshadows can be put together individually and exchanged easily in the matching palette.

Beauty Tip
The eyeshadows can be put together to suit your personal preferences: it’s best to select a shimmering shade for application on the moveable part of the eyelid, a matt nuance for the crease of the lid and a lighter shade as a highlight on the inner corners of the eyes as well as underneath the brow arch. Some shades are not only suitable for use as an eyeshadow, but can also be applied on other areas of the face as a highlighter, blush or bronzer.

Highlighting Eyeshadows

Highlighting Eyeshadows with a click-in/click-out mechanism create a fascinating glow. The eye make-up is perfected with a long-lasting, highly pigmented powder texture and intensive coverage. Light accents in the inner corners of the eyes and underneath the brow arch visibly open up the eyes for a wide-awake look.

Beauty Tip
Highlighting Eyeshadows are not only ideal for highlights on the eyes, but can also be used to achieve an all-over glow. The make-up technique Strobing refers to the use of shimmering shades to visibly accentuate the facial features and create a radiant complexion. Simply apply the highlighter on the cheekbones, underneath the brow arch, on the bridge of the nose as well as the cupid’s bow of the lips and then blend softly.