Limited Edition "It Pieces HOLO graphic"

Maret 2018 - Mei 2018

Di awal Januari 2018, Edisi Terbatas "It Pieces HOLO graphic" dari Catrice menawarkan rangkaian tren produk yang mewarnai musim Semi/ Panas. Holographic terinspirasi dari tekstur prismatik memastikan efek menakjubkan pada mata, bibir, wajah dan kuku. Untuk edisi ini, formula yang terkandung pada highlighter kian memberikan kebebasan agar tiap individu dapat mengaplikasikan beragam teknik makeup seperti Highlighting, Strobing dan co untuk gaya makeup kreatif. Setelah itu, varian produk ini akan bergabung dengan koleksi produk Catrice lainnya. 



Dewy Wetlook Stick

Dewy is the new glow. The transparent gloss stick contains light-reflecting pigments to ensure a dewy look on the face and décolleté. The Wetlook Stick creates an extraordinary effect, especially on the cheekbones, temples and collarbone and can be applied underneath or on top of make-up.

Beauty Tip
When combining different textures, please make sure that you apply the liquid or creamy formula first, as they will not spread evenly on top of powder textures. If the effect is stronger than intended, soften it with a little liquid foundation or powder make-up.

Galactic Highlighter Drops

The drops in soft rosé contain light-reflecting pigments for a galactic shimmer. The liquid highlighter is applied as a finish or on top of foundation. The drops don’t just create stunning results on the cheekbones, but can also be applied below the brow arch or on the décolleté.

Beauty Tip
For an all-over highlighting look, apply the foundation first. Next, use the fingers (for more intense results) or a sponge (for a softer version) to apply the liquid highlighter on the cheekbones, below the brow arch, on the inner corners of the eyes, on the bridge of the nose and on the cupid’s bow of the lips.

Light Spectrum Strobing Brick

The powder highlighter is available in soft pastel shades that can be applied individually or combined to create a shimmering finish. Although the colours of the Light Spectrum Strobing Brick look extremely intense in the packaging, they only leave a touch of colour behind on the cheeks with a flattering shimmer effect.

Beauty Tip
In addition to soft lilac, the Light Spectrum Strobing Brick contains a soft yellow, rosé, pink and pastel blue. The shades can either be applied individually or combined for various application options. When using powder textures, please make sure that you apply liquid formulas such as foundation or cream concealer first, as they will not spread evenly on top of powder.

Prisma Chrome Lipstick

Prismatic and metallic effects give the lips an elegant look and are sure to attract plenty of attention. The creamy texture feels pleasant on the lips and offers perfect coverage with just one application. The Prisma Chrome Lipsticks are absolutely distinctive thanks to the holographic finish of their premium packaging. The trend of providing make-up with prismatic effects runs through all product categories from the eyes to the lips, face and nails.

Beauty Tip
The Prisma Chrome Lipsticks can be worn solo or applied as a topper on other lipsticks. If you don’t want the overall make-up look to be too intense, go for a combination: statement lips with a prismatic finish combined with subtle eye make-up. For an intensive look, combine prismatic lips with extravagant eye make-up.

Rock Couture Liquid Liner

Looking for that extra special touch for your eye make-up? The Rock Couture Liquid Liner is an absolute must-have with its eye-catching white colour and golden duo chrome effect. The fine, flexible brush applicator allows an easy application – even for newbies. If the eyeliner isn’t a success the first time round, simply apply small dots directly along the lashline and then connect them starting from the inner corners of the eyes.

Beauty Tip
Creative deviations of classic eyeliner are totally on trend. Instead of reaching for conventional black, combine bright shades in two slim lines, for example, one above the other. Exciting and unusual effects can also be created with geometric shapes or small dots.

Spectra Light Effect Nail Lacquer

The diversity of unique effects turns this nail polish range into a must-have: holo and duo-chrome finishes turn the nails into true eye-catchers. Combined with a long-lasting formula and high-shine results, the polishes cover each nail with fascinating shimmer effects.

Beauty Tip
It is not necessary to use a base coat with the Spectra Light Effect Nail Lacquer. To extend the durability, apply the nail polish in two thin layers and then seal with a top coat. This protects the polish from chipping and damage.

Spectralight Eyeshadow Glow Kit

The holographic trend does not stop at the eyes. With one metallic and two holographic textures each as well as a high colour-dispersion, the baked Highlighting Eyeshadow offers the eyes a gorgeous finish full of effects. The eyeshadows can be used individually or applied on top of each other – for a multitude of combination options.

Beauty Tip
Thanks to one edition with warmer and one with cooler shades, there’s a suitable version for every colour type. If the hair has a cool, ashy undertone, the shades from the colder colour spectrum are ideal. For hair with warmer, golden undertones, make-up shades from the warm colour spectrum are more flattering.