TUTORIAL: Metallic Cut Crease

Metallic eyecatcher: Statement look for expressive eyes

All eyes on you: The Metallic Cut Crease Trend Look attracts everyone's attention. Due to the make-up technique Cut Crease, the eyeshadows are not blended in the crease as usual – the different shades are clearly separated to create more expression and depth. Moreover, metallic effects and an extravagant eyeliner style make this look a striking eyecatcher.

The following steps show how to quickly and easily create a stunning statement look:

Step 1

Add depth to your eyes

Emphasize your eyes and create depth with the versatile, highly-pigmented powder eyeshadows of the Professional Artist Eyeshadow Palette 10 The Keypieces in just a few steps: First, apply a light, matte shade of brown to the upper eyelid and blend. Next, apply a darker, matte shade of brown to the eyelid crease to define the crease.

Step 2

Contour your eyes

In order to lighten the eyelid, apply the Liquid Camouflage – High Coverage Concealer with the applicator to the movable part of the eyelid and create a sharp edge towards the crease.

Step 3

Apply eyeliner

Next, use the Rock Couture Vinyl Black Liquid Liner 24H to trace a line along the upper lash line, creating a small outward wing. The deep black eyeliner with a high-gloss vinyl finish ensures a striking eyeliner style and is extremely long-lasting.

Step 4

Create the Metallic Cut Crease

Apply the Rock Couture Liquid Liner 30 Guns N´ Rosegold in the crease – the metallic effects of the eyeliner create the ultimate eyecatcher for this look.

Step 5

Add highlights

Create highlights with the Precious Pigments Loose Eyeshadow 010 Moondust: Just pick up some powder with your finger and dab it above your cheekbones. Then dab a little powder on the cupid’s bow of the upper lip. 

Step 6

Emphasize your lips

Drama on: Finish the look with the Ultimate Dark Lip Glow. The black texture of the Lip Glow intensifies the natural colour of your lips, reacts to their personal pH-value and tints them in an individual pink shade with a smokey finish.