By Vienna Wedekind

Last week I had the pleasure to meet Loni Baur, the german make-up artist who created all the inspiring beauty looks for Catrice during Berlin Fashion Week. It is always great to speak to experts and soak up some of their knowledge, that’s why I’ve asked Loni about her beauty tricks, personal inspirations and make-up trends for summer. Here we go:

You create lots of amazing beauty looks. Where does your inspiration mostly come from? 

Of course fashion shows and social media, like Instagram or Pinterest, play an important role in my daily research. But I also like to get inspired by art, music and travels. I love to observe the people on the streets and see what kind of make-up they are wearing.

What are the beauty trends for Summer 2016?

This summer it’s all about a pop of colour on the eyes and bold lips with silky smooth textures. The combination of pink and a touch of bronze on the cheeks is also very trendy.

Is there one particular city that inspires you most?

I’ve lived in New York for quite some time, which had great influence on me and my work. Living in one of the fashion capitals, like New York or Paris, is very inspiring because lots of trends are created right there. I’m coming back to NYC quite regularly and it always feels like home, but I also love the vibes in Berlin. The Streetstyle scene there is quite interesting!

What Beauty Essentials do we all need this summer?

  • Summer Blush for dewy cheeks, like the Catrice Illuminating Blush, a Lip Balm that pampers your lips and adds some shimmer. The Pure Brilliants Colour Lip Balm is perfect for summer!
  • Allround Coverstick, a wonderweapon that hides imperfections and dark circles under the eyes

What about your daily beauty routine? Any personal rituals?

I try to drink as much water as possible and to get enough sleep. Another important thing for me is the usage of high-quality skin care products. That’s the perfect base for any make-up. 

It seems like the modern fashion world knows no taboos. Anything goes, like socks & sandals… Is there any Beauty No-No you could think of?

That’s hard to tell because beauty is such a subjective thing. But I personally dislike any form excessive artificiality – like those square nails, fake lashes or the contouring trend á la Kim Kardashian. Don’t get me wrong: Contouring can look beautiful, when it’s done right. Another No-go would be the use of too much foundation, especially when it’s too yellow. Always put on your make-up in the daylight, not in front of a tiny bathroom mirror!

You’re surrounded by so much beauty. What is really beautiful in your eyes?

In this modern world it has become more important than ever that women start doing their own thing and to not follow any beauty ideals. I think it’s essential to go with your guts and ignore all those trends. I really believe that „true beauty comes from within“. When you’re at peace with yourself, your inner beauty will shine through…