Julia Seemann F/W 17

Julia Seemann’s designs are characterized by the combination of subcultural and nostalgic influences with geometric and minimalistic elements. Also her Fall/Winter 2017 collection follows this line, a fact identifiable by both the silhouettes and the mood expressed throughout the entire collection. Elements from classic work- and everyday wear are placed into a new context triggered by the use of inventive volumes, colors, materials, prints and embroideries.

JULIA SEEMANN presented by Mercedes-Benz & ELLE

© Gero Breloer

The Fall/Winter 2017 collection is a tribute to the 80s dark wave band Xmal Deutschland from Hamburg. For that end Julia Seemann teamed up with English graphic designer Vaughan Oliver and incorporated his work as prints and embroideries in her designs. Vaughan Oliver is known as one of the most influential graphic designers of the independent music industry. In the 80s and 90s he designed groundbreaking album covers for the Pixies, for Modern English, the Cocteau Twins, for Dead Can Dance or Lush – and also for Xmal Deutschland.

To crush with the oversized look of most of the outfits, the collection also includes rhinestone jewellery and skinny stretch jersey dresses with figurative elements taken from mythology. This intentional break in style results in a certain irony, a typical trait in Julia Seemann’s works.