Kitsune – AW 17/18 Collection

In the Japanese mythology, Kitsune – the red fox – is considered a creature with the ability of to transform in many ways, but mostly into a beautiful young woman. The Kitsune red fox has many supernatural powers, it can cause fertility but also bring disaster, create illusions, and posses humans.

© Gero Breloer

As they grow older, their skills and powers grow stronger, as well as the number of their tails. The immortal and nearly invincible nine-tailed fox symbolizes the highest attainable level of energy.

The BENU BERLIN autumn winter 17/18 collection embodies the myth of Kitsune.
Artfully crafted red fox fur made of preexisting fur pieces, combined with the iconic denim textures.
Filigree-looking structures define feminine silhouettes setting the focus on precision and detail.

The unique combination of fur and denim, bearing a sharp contradiction in terms of terms of their historical context and meaning, give the collection its provocative statement and core.

The features of the outfits presented, representing the Kitsune, are a series of high-quality textile treatments and textures, inspired by traditional craftsmanship and passion for exquisite tailoring.

In the conformist field of fashion design, BENU BERLIN stands out with its revolutionary artistic creation that comes with a combative attitude, as well a sense of timelessness.