Leyla Piedayesh, the designer behind the successful label Lala Berlin is presenting her collection for Spring/ Summer 2016 at the Berliner Mode Salon (Berlin Fashion Salon) and reveals what fashion means to her and what her plans are after the Berliner Mode Salon (Berlin Fashion Salon) in an interview:

1. Your new collection is called "Midnight in Berlin" – what is the typical evening make-up style in Berlin?

Smokey eyes are always good. Ah, actually, even better: red lipstick is a big thing in Berlin. Many ladies go out looking quite natural, but then add bold lips. Red lips are for kissing or going out. (laughs)

2. CATRICE is the official make-up partner of Lala Berlin for the fourth time now. Why do you think that CATRICE is such a good match for your collections?

I believe that CATRICE suits all collections because it offers beautiful colours and great products. I cannot think of anything that doesn’t fit. And the look at our presentation has confirmed this once again: the models had a mega style, they looked so ethereal – nude but with amazing highlights.

3. How important is the interaction of fashion and beauty to you?

Make-up is vital for show presentations and the look book. Even if the audience doesn’t see it, it’s still essential. During yesterday’s presentation, I thought to myself: here come models that are naturally gorgeous, but they look even better when they’re wearing the right make-up. I don’t want to tell you how one of them looked before the stylist gave her a makeover. (laughs)

4. Which beauty product do you always take along when you go out?

I often carry the glitter powder by CATRICE in my purse. I use it to give the people around me a little sparkle. And I apply it around my eyes to set pretty, light accents. I also like to take along a colourful eyeliner pencil in pink or orange.

5. This is the first time that you have designed evening gowns. How come? Was it a long-awaited dream come true or a spontaneous impulse?

It’s something I’ve always wanted to do because we get a lot of requests for the red carpet and events. But these dresses are always so elaborate and painstaking because you have to create them entirely anew. Until now, I’ve designed the occasional evening gown for friends like Heike Makatsch. But I’ve always thought it was a shame that there wasn’t a complete collection. And then suddenly, the moment arrived and we came together with Disney. So we gave Cinderella a Lala Berlin touch. This means that a kind of metamorphosis took place from the typical light blue Cinderella dress to our kaftan.

6. How long did you work on the collection?

We worked on it for eight weeks. We were actually really well prepared, but as usual, the last day was tough. That’s when everything has to be fitted to the models and it’s always a little stressful. So it’s all the more satisfying now that all nine dresses are ready to be presented.

7. What did you pay attention to regarding the fabrics?

All of the dresses are made of silk! From organza to chiffon, that was really important to me.

8. Do you think every woman needs a fairytale dress in her wardrobe?

Yes! This way, she can always dream, and that’s really important. But what if no prince comes along to take her out? I wouldn’t want her to end up completely frustrated (laughs)!