Beauty tips for a flawless complexion

Theory of Colour: The make-up technique Colour Correcting is based on colour theory. Complementary colours – i.e. specific shades that cancel each other out to create a neutral tone - are used to conceal skin irregularities.

Redness can be neutralized with green concealer, while bluish shadows under the eyes can be corrected with yellow concealer.

Of course, foundation is a must after applying the concealer - follow the next steps for perfect Colour Correcting results.

Step 1

Balance out redness and skin imperfections

Red veins, reddened spots or other red areas of skin can be concealed perfectly with the green Re-Touch Anti-Red Concealer:

Simply apply the liquid concealer on the reddened areas using the soft brush applicator. The creamy texture of this practical beauty helper doesn't just conceal skin imperfections, it also provides moisture for up to 18 hours - like all of the Re-Touch Concealers.

Step 2

Conceal dark circles under the eyes

Next, apply the yellow Re-Touch Anti-Dark Circle Concealer on the area underneath the eyes: the concealer with yellow colour pigments is ideal for hiding bluish or violet shadows.

Step 3

Apply concealer for a fresh complexion

For a fresh look, apply the Re-Touch Brightening Concealer on the forehead and temples. The violet colour of the concealer brightens dull skin and neutralizes yellow undertones to ensure a healthier looking complexion.

Step 4

Blend the concealer

Thoroughly blend the applied concealer with the SILICONIC Make Up Blender.

The professional silicone sponge can be used to apply liquid and creamy textures: the material doesn’t absorb liquids and is easy to clean, so it is especially hygienic.

The drop form design ensures that the Blender optimally adapts to the shape of the face so that textures can even be applied on hard-to-reach areas.

Step 5

Make shadows under the eyes disappear

To conceal dark shadows under the eyes for a fresh and wide-awake look, apply the pink shade of the Allround Colour Correction Palette underneath the eyes and dab into the skin using your fingers.

The palette with five colour-correcting textures ensures a flawless complexion for all skin types - if you have darker skin, you can also use the peach shade to brighten dark shadows under the eyes. "

Step 6

Apply foundation

Now that the colour-correcting basis has been applied, it's time for foundation - this gives the skin a smooth appearance and conceals the colour corrections.

To do this, apply drops of the HD Liquid Coverage Foundation on the back of the hand, pick up the texture with the SILICONIC Make Up Blender and blend into the skin.

The ultra-soft, liquid texture of the foundation mattifies the skin with a high and at the same time natural-looking coverage - and lasts up to 24 hours.

Step 7


As the final step, gently powder the entire face with the Colour Neutralizer Mattifying Powder to create a gorgeous finish – the pressed powder with four colour-correcting shades gives the complexion a natural, smooth look.