TUTORIAL: Monochrome Eyes

Beauty Trend: Statement Eye Makeup with just one shade

Minimum effort, maximum effect: Monochrome Eyes are THE beauty trend of the season. The following steps show you how to quickly and easily emphasize your eyes using just one eyeshadow colour:

Step 1

Push the eyeshadow onto your moveable lip

Prep the eyelid with eye primer and then push the eyeshadow onto the lid to build up colour as a first step: To do this, use an eyeshadow brush to dab the dark violet shade from The Edgy Lilac Collection Eyeshadow Palette onto the moveable part of the lid. Thanks to the powdery texture, the eye shadow can now easily be faded out above the crease of the lid to avoid sharp edges.

Step 2

Apply eyeshadow along the lower lash line

Using a fine eyeshadow brush, apply the same shade from The Edgy Lilac Collection Eyeshadow Palette subtly along the lower lash line from the outside to the centre and gently blend inwards.

Step 3

Create a highlight

Next, dab the light purple shade with a pearly finish from The Edgy Lilac Collection Eyeshadow Palette onto the inner corner of the eye as a highlight - this opens the eye and makes it look wide awake.

Step 4

Apply eyeliner

To visibly open the eye even more, apply the 18h Colour & Contour Eye Pencil 100 Bride Lavender along the lower waterline.

Step 5

Time for mascara

Finally, apply the Prêt-à-Volume False Lashes Mascara on your lashes. The deep black mascara with a light texture shapes the lashes and provides ultra volume in just a few seconds. For even more volume, simply add a second coat on the tips of the upper lash line.

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