Limited Edition „Pagagena” by CATRICE

The new Limited Edition “Papagena” by CATRICE whisks you away to a wild and exotic world from May until July 2011. Confident Amazon warriors prowl along the urban jungle and underline their feminine strength with breathtaking make-up based on rich green and khaki shades interrupted by bright accents in pink, orange and mustard yellow.

This summer, the fashion cities of the world will be transformed into a wild paradise. Mysterious and full of surprises. CATRICE brings the Amazon jungle trend home – and we want it, the most powerful look of the season!

Papagena by CATRICE – Absolute Eye Colour Quattro

Absolute Eye Colour Quattro

Two earthy eye shadows in khaki shades combined with bright highlighter colors and various matt, shimmer and pearl effects ensure breathtaking moments. Absolute color, absolute durability and absolute coverage for a perfect and long-lasting finish!

C01 Rumble in the Jungle
C02 Birds of a Feather

Papagena by CATRICE – Eyeliner Pen

Eyeliner Pen

Nothing can escape the sharp and lively eyes of an urban Amazon warrior. The secret of her unequalled eye make-up: the Eyeliner Pen with its ultra-fine tip and highly pigmented texture. For dramatic accents and exciting adventures.

C01 White Eyes
C02 Papa-Greener
C03 Welcome to the Jungle

Papagena by CATRICE – Feather Lashes

Feather Lashes

Amazon warriors are conquering the catwalks with exotic lashes reminiscent of the beautiful feathers of a magnificent bird of paradise. With the expressive Papagena Feather Lashes, we can recreate the trendy jungle look in an instant! Attention: These lashes are the ultimate must-have for an exciting summer in the city!

Papagena by CATRICE – Blush Stick

Blush Stick

Thanks to its practical stick shape and velvety texture, the Blush Stick ensures a radiant complexion in a matter of seconds – as if you have just returned from a wild time in paradise.

C01 Tigerlily
C02 Bird of Paradise

Papagena by CATRICE – Gold Nuggets

Gold Nuggets

So precious, so exotic, so wow! The elegant golden shimmer of the Gold Nuggets creates a fantastic glow on your face and body. Absolutely essential for this season’s exotic Papagena look.

Papagena by CATRICE – Crystal Clear Gloss Stick

Crystal Clear Gloss Stick

Shiny lips with just a hint of color provide an ideal balance to the dramatic Papagena eye make-up. The gel-like texture of the Crystal Clear Gloss ensures an irresistibly fresh finish and makes your lips feel wonderfully pampered.

C01 Tigerlily
C02 Bird of Paradise

Papagena by CATRICE – Ultimate Nail Laquer

Ultimate Nail Laquer

High color-intensity, perfect shine and up to seven days durability with just one stroke of the brush – this nail polish has been created with true Amazon warriors in mind. Simply paint your nails in the hippest colors of the season and seize the city – this is your mission for summer 2011. Welcome to the Jungle!

C01 Enter the Undergrowth
C02 Welcome to the Jungle
C03 Amazonian Gold
C04 Bird of Paradise