Spring Summer Collection 2017

A European Summer

For the new collection, I started with the fabrics and not the models. The selection is inspired by the materials that we usually find in places where we like to go on holiday. Canvas sailcloth, washed linen and batiste as light as a day out on the ocean. Undyed cashmere and waxed cotton to offer protection from the wind along a stormy coast. Milled loden, the ultimate Alpine fabric. 

© Gero Breloer

The collection is very fresh and has many subtle references to classic sportswear reminiscent of the Hollywood films starring Katherine Hepburn and the newly formed surfer scene of the 1940s. The look is extremely natural, like you have just completed a few laps in the pool. 

The way that men and women live and how they move in their daily lives is still the same and also reflects the success of a free society that faces the challenges of changing times. 

The high value of this freedom becomes visible now that we are once again confronted with beliefs that we thought we had already overcome. Apparently, we must continue to fight and present our stance to the outside world. And this starts with our clothing.