Matt meets Metallic

Two Beauty Trends that are all the rage this year are about to unite in one unique statement look: matt and metallic! These glamorous lips can be seen at almost every red carpet event – the following steps show you how to create an intensive Matt Metallic Look in a flash: 

Step 1

Treat the lips to a light peeling

The lips should be well-groomed before applying dark or matt lipsticks so that the texture spreads evenly across the lips. To ensure a smooth look, apply the Prime And Fine Multitalent Lip Scrub & Balm. The gentle lip peeling removes dead skin flakes while the lips are pampered with apricot oil and shea butter. Next, simply remove any excess product by dabbing the lips with a cosmetics tissue. 

Step 2

Apply lipstick

Now it's time to give the lips some colour with the Ultimate Colour Lipstick 020 Marron the lipstick with a high pigmentation offers perfect coverage and a long durability. Carefully dab the lips with a cosmetics tissue to remove the shine of the lipstick and then wait a short moment before continuing with the next step. 

Step 3

Create metallic effect

Simply apply the Million Style Topcoat 020 Metallic Lips to create a metallic effect. The pampering, creamy texture covers the lips with silver, metallic particles and ensures a unique look - the more product you apply, the more intense the metallic effect. 

Step 4

Matt finish

Finally, dab the Instant Lipstick Mattifier on the lips for a matt finish. The Mattifier gives the lips a velvety-matt finish and extends the durability of lipstick without changing its colour. 

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