TUTORIAL: Clean and Worry Free

Beauty Tip: A natural everyday look with the Clean ID range

Be natural! With our CLEAN ID products, it's easy to create a Clean Beauty make-up look. The products are mostly made of natural ingredients and best of all: they're all vegan. The following steps show you how to achieve a natural everyday make-up look:

Step 1

Create a radiant complexion

First, spread the Clean ID Hydro BB Cream evenly over your face with your fingers. The delicate coverage provides a naturally radiant and smooth complexion. Upon demand, the coverage can be intensified by adding more cream on individual areas.

Next, use the Clean ID Mineral Bronzer to contour the cheeks and apply the Clean ID Mineral Swirl Highlighter on your cheekbones and the bridge of your nose for a subtle glow.

Step 2

Apply eyeshadow on the moveable part of the lid

Sweep the shade 'Serenity' from the Clean ID Eyeshadow Palette over the entire moveable part of the lid and along the lower lash line to give the eye a little more dimension.

Step 3

Add expression with the eye pencil

For an expressive look, apply the Clean ID Eye Pencil along the lower waterline and on the outer part of the upper lashline and blend softly. The Clean ID Eye Pencil is made of 100% natural ingredients and nourishes with shea butter as well as jojoba and canola oil.

Step 4

Thicken the lashline with eyeliner

Position the matte Clean ID Eyeliner in the centre of the eyelid and trace along the lashline. The sugar-based formula won't smudge, even when you wipe your eyes!

Step 5

Apply mascara

Apply a layer of the Clean ID Volume + Lengthening Mascara on your lashes. The light texture creates voluminous and long lashes without weighing them down.

Step 6

Apply lipgloss

Goodbye dry Lips – to complete the look, apply a touch of the moisturizing Clean ID Lip Oil with avocado and watermelon seed oil on the lips.

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