Limited Edition Travelight Story

July 2017 - August 2017

Cruise Collections by renowned designers combine maritime elements with the trends of the 50s. With the Limited Edition Travelight Story by CATRICE, which will be available in July 2017, travel-sized products are sure to awaken a longing for a carefree holiday atmosphere and a desire to explore the world. Sun bathing on white, sandy beaches, swimming in glistening, turquoise water – the travel bug is here! Oversized blouses with maritime stripes, tight and flared shorts as well as off-the-shoulder dresses create a casual travel look that’s still feminine. Multifunctional products, cooling textures or cosmetics in a practical stick-shape complement the luggage this season. The colour palette ranges from classic red shades and cool blue to nuances of beige and brown to elegant silver.

Blush & Bronze

Two subtly shimmering blush and bronzer nuances create a fresh and natural-looking, tanned complexion. The fine powder with a boat embossment offers two perfectly aligned shades for a beautiful effect on the skin. In addition to the make-up technique Contouring, Blush & Bronze is also ideal for the latest trend, Sun Stripping.

Beauty Tip
To create a summery look, apply the bronzing powder following the principle of Sun Stripping: the powder is applied on the areas where sunlight would naturally fall on the face. This means that the upper forehead along the hairline, the cheekbones as well as a broad, horizontal strip on the nose and cheeks are emphasized.

Cool & Matt Lip Colour

The Cool & Matt Lip Colours unite a creamy texture that spreads evenly across the lips and intensive colours with a high coverage and a matt finish. On top benefit: a pleasant cooling effect. When temperatures get hot in the summer, a small refreshment can work wonders.

Beauty Tip
No 50’s make-up look is complete without statement lips in a bold red/orange shade. Smooth and healthy lips are particularly important with darker lipsticks as textures or colour pigments may look patchy if there are any dry areas of skin on the lips. To extend the durability of lipstick, prep the lips with primer or a lip liner. This prevents the lipstick from streaking into the fine lines around the lips and makes sure that it can handle any summer adventure!

Cool & Matt Primer Stick

A perfect, matt complexion is easy to achieve with the Cool & Matt Primer Stick. The stick is ideal as a preparation for foundation, and also great as a quick fresh up. Thanks to its pleasant cooling effect on the skin, it is the perfect travel companion and prevents the skin from sweating in hot temperatures. The mattifying effect means that there’s no need to use a powder with a matt finish – this way, the complexion looks fresher and more radiant.

Beauty Tip
Travel-sized products like the Cool & Matt Primer Stick are ideal for Beauty Bags on the go. The smaller the “On The Road Must Haves“, the less the luggage weighs. This soon pays off, especially on longer journeys or backpacking trips.

Eye Shadow Palette

Twelve powder Eye Shadows with various effects and a mirror as well as an applicator are part of this must-have palette.The harmonious combination of colours ensures perfect 50’s eye make-up styles.

Beauty Tip
The “Cut Crease” technique of defining the eye crease with a contrasting eye shadow colour is absolutely essential for an ultimate Fifties Make-up Look. A dark eye shadow in the crease of the lid creates more depth, while lighter nuances in the inner corners of the eye and underneath the brow visibly open up the eyes. Another key element of the 50s Look is an intensive brow with a high, clearly defined arch. This effect can be achieved with an eyebrow pencil or powder.

Liquid Liner

Metallic, glossy pastel blue and midnight blue with a matt finish create expressive eye make-up styles. Any true Fifties Look includes an elegant winged eyeliner style. Start with a thin line at the inner corner of the eye, gradually getting thicker towards the outer corner to emphasize the almond-shape of the eyes. The eyeliner should extend slightly past the outer edge and curve upwards to create the illusion of Cat Eyes.

Beauty Tip
Liquid Liner, no matter whether with a matt or glossy finish, ensures fuller looking lashes and adds expression to the eyes. Eyeliner Pens either have a felt-tip or a small brush applicator. Both versions are great for drawing fine as well as broader lines to individually align the eyeliner style with the eye.

Nail Lacquer

These longlasting nail polishes with various effects in unique packaging are absolute must-haves this summer. Reserved Champagne with a glittering finish, trendy Orange without an effect, elegant Navy with a discreet pearl effect and soft Pastel Blue with a light shimmer create nail looks that are perfect for the sunny time of the year.

Beauty Tip
Even nail polishes with a strong effect can be adapted to suit individual tastes or current trends. Top Coats with a matt or satin matt finish transform shimmering or glittering polishes, while Top Coats with a pearl or high shine finish offer exciting results when applied on top of matt nail polishes.

Radiant Glow Mist

This refreshing spray is offset with a subtle shimmer – for a gorgeous summery glow. Thanks to its moisturizing formula, the Radiant Glow Mist has a cooling effect and provides the skin with the moisture it needs, especially in warm weather. Thanks to the practical pump dispenser, it’s easy to distribute the product on the skin smoothly.

Beauty Tip
The Radiant Glow Mist is the perfect product for the handbag on the go. To ensure a beautiful tan that lasts, the skin needs plenty of moisture and pampering care. And a subtle shimmer makes it stand out even more.