Limited Edition "SunGASM"

May 2020 - July 2020

Summer is finally here – and that puts you in the mood for skirts, shorts and off-the-shoulder dresses. No matter which outfit you choose: the look is perfect when the skin has a gorgeous holiday glow. With the new Limited Edition "SUNGASM," CATRICE offers a selection of beauty products to easily achieve a sun-kissed complexion from June to July 2020. The products can be used to create both a subtle and an intensive summer tan with a shimmering effect on the whole body.

Face & Body Highlighter

In the mood for a finish with an extra glow? Then the pressed powder highlighter with a silky texture is perfect for you, because it lets you show off the summer skin on your face and body beautifully. It contains light-reflecting pigments for a radiant glow and flatters all skin tones.

Beauty Tip
To make your radiant glow look natural, apply the highlighter to both the face and body in the areas that are already naturally emphasized. These are, for example, the cheekbones, the tip of the nose and the collarbone. With the highlighter, you can really make these parts of the body stand out.

Illuminating Bronzing Pebbles

The shimmering powder pebbles in various sizes and different shades ensure a radiant complexion – for skin that looks as if it has been refined with a soft-focus effect. Light-reflecting pigments provide a subtle glow. Application is extremely simple: gently stroke a powder brush through the pearls and apply on the face from the outside inwards or generously spread over the desired areas of the body.

Beauty Tip
Customise your glow to match your outfit: If you're wearing a cute top with thin straps, you can use the Bronzing Pebbles to accentuate your collarbones and shoulders. If you're wearing a backless dress, try some bronzer on your back, or turn your knees and shins into a highlight with a short skirt. You’re sure to turn heads and radiate a summer vibe with your whole body!

Luminizing Bronzer

Bronzers are THE secret weapon for an instant fresh touch – softly tanned skin with a shimmering effect is the ultimate visible "wake-up call". The ultra-fine bronzing powder comes in two different shades, suits every skin tone and leaves behind a soft shimmering finish. This way, the Luminizing Bronzer can create a revitalized fresh-from-vacation look right away!

Beauty Tip
To achieve the perfect effect with your bronzer, it’s best to apply it to the areas that are most likely to be tanned by the sun. Using a bronzer brush, trace the shape of a 3 along the edge of your face, i.e. from the forehead to the cheeks and jawbones, to contour your face at the same time!

Summer Glow Make-up Setting Mist

Refreshment with a glow effect – and it has the scent of summer, sun and a great mood: The super light setting mist is a primer and fixing spray in one and has a wonderful revitalizing effect. Thanks to its fine nozzle head, the spray is evenly distributed on the skin, allows powder textures to blend and creates a smooth skin texture. The result: a wonderfully radiant and long-lasting summer complexion!

Beauty Tip
The Setting Mist is a true must-have for a perfect – and above all long-lasting – make-up look. But the spray also ensures a fresh look with a natural glow on make-up free days at the height of summer, during sports or at a relaxed girls' brunch. Simply spray on after your face care routine or in between to enjoy a boost of freshness.