Limited Edition "Sun Glow"

July 2019 - September 2019

Hello Summer Glow! A healthy, softly tanned and glowy complexion is just as much a part of summer as warm party nights under the starry sky and seemingly endless weekends at the lake. With the Limited Edition “Sun Glow”, CATRICE unites this spirit with beautiful bronzing and radiant highlighting shades in August and September. No matter whether silky-smooth powder textures or softly shimmering liquid products: These summery must-haves help us maintain our sun-kissed skin even if our holiday tan has already started to fade, and lets us align our make-up look with our holiday mood.


For a sun-kissed complexion: The liquid bronzer contains fine shimmer particles and creates a glow that leaves the skin looking as tanned as after a relaxing holiday in the sun. The liquid texture can be applied on selected areas of the face or mixed with foundation for a particularly natural looking tan. Thanks to the pipette applicator, dosage is very simple.

Beauty Tip
A gorgeous, natural tan is the dream of all beauty lovers. With the liquid bronzer, you can achieve this in an instant! Mix a few drops of the Bronzing Fluid into your foundation and apply on the face with your fingers or a make-up brush. For a stronger, more accentuated tan, apply individual drops below the cheekbones, on the sides of the nose and on the temples.


A fresh tan and a beautiful glow shorten the long wait until your next holiday – and make the summer feeling last a little longer when you get back into your daily routine. No matter whether with a matt finish for contouring, a soft shimmer for radiant accents or a dewy metal effect for an extra glow: The three Bronzing Powders in the Sun Glow Limited Edition are ultra-fine and ensure a beautiful complexion - without sunbathing!

Beauty Tip
The three Bronzing Powders have different finishes to suit your taste and the desired effect. The Contouring Bronzer is matt and ideal for contouring. The Luminous Bronzer distributes a soft shimmer and radiant accents. The Glazing Bronzer has a dewy metal effect for a metallic finish. All Bronzing powders can be applied perfectly with a large brush such as the Face & Body Brush.


Even the most beautiful powder is nothing without the right brush. The Face & Body Brush is made of high-quality synthetic bristles and is suitable for both the face and body. Whether highlighter or bronzer – with this brush, it's easy to apply powder textures in circular movements and blend for flawless results.

Beauty Tip
The perfect brush for bronzing powder and highlighter! It's important to clean your make-up brushes regularly so that they last for a long time and achieve great results. Water and a mild shampoo are perfect for this. First, hold the bristles under warm water. Then apply a small amount of shampoo on the bristles and lather. Rinse the brush with warm water and let it air-dry afterwards.


A summery make-up look is within easy reach with this highlighter. The extra-large, pressed powder highlighter gives the face and body a gorgeous glow thanks to its light-reflecting pigments and silky texture.

Beauty Tip
Highlighter is only for your face? No way! The Face & Body Highlighter also conjures-up a perfect glow on the body!  Just like on the face, adding highlighter will accentuate your favourite features on your body. The best way to apply the powder is by using the Face & Body Brush. Capture a little product, tap lightly and apply to the upper part of the collarbone and shoulders. To visibly lengthen the legs, apply the highlighter on the shins. Shimmering accents also have a flattering effect on the arms.


This liquid highlighter guarantees an extraordinary glow. It gives your make-up a softly shimmering finish that looks lovely and natural. Thanks to the pipette applicator, the highlighter has an easy dosage and is very versatile – it can either be used to create a subtle all-over glow or to set individual radiant accents.

Beauty Tip
What should definitely not be missing from a summery make-up look? A beautiful, natural glow! The pipette of the Highlighting Fluid allows a practical dosage. For example, you can mix a few drops of the liquid highlighter into your foundation and apply it to the entire face. The result is a fresh and natural make-up look with a glowy touch. For shimmering accents, apply the highlighter selectively and blend gently with dabbing movements.