Limited Edition “Skin Lovers”

January 2021 - March 2021

The key to the perfect look? A radiant aura! Only those who truly feel comfortable in their skin have that special glow. With the CATRICE Limited Edition SKIN LOVERS, it's easy, because if you take care of your skin's needs, you will also learn to love it. This is not about perfection, but about doing something good for yourself and your skin. With this Limited Edition, three serums, a versatile balm and a spray are joining the CATRICE Beauty Booster range. The Skin Lovers can be used separately or in combination.

Energy Boost Serum

Sometimes the skin needs a kick start and this is now available in the form of the Energy Boost Serum. When your skin looks pale and tired, the serum brings it back to life with its boosting ingredients: A seven percent ginger complex, hyaluronic acid and PHA (polyhydroxy acid) ensure a revitalized, radiant complexion.

Beauty Tip:
To additionally pamper and wake up the skin during your face care routine, it's best to gently massage the serum into the skin. A Jade Roller or Gua Sha stone is ideal for stimulating the blood circulation of the skin and making the facial massage even more effective. This ensures an extra glow and a fresh complexion!

Multi-Purpose Make-Up Fixing Spray

The latest all-rounder by CATRICE: The Multi-Purpose Make-Up Fixing Spray can be used as a primer as well as for setting and refreshing make-up. The fine mist rejuvenates the skin with a single spray, while the three percent coconut water it contains provides an ultimate boost of moisture.

Beauty Tip:
Skin can quickly look dull and sallow in dry heater air and cold temperatures. The Fixing Spray is ideal for regularly refreshing the skin – even when you're out and about. Thanks to its compact size, it can easily be carried in your pocket so it's always ready to provide a quick hydrating kick.

Multi-Purpose Nourishing Balm

The Multi-Purpose Balm is a lifesaver for dry, chapped lips and contains 40 percent coconut oil to ensure protected, soft and smooth skin. As the name suggests, the balm is extremely versatile and cares for the skin and hands as well as dry lips – and its practical size as well as over 80% natural oils and waxes are convincing, too!

Beauty Tip:
During the colder months of the year, our skin tends to dry out due to falling temperatures and the heating air. This balm is therefore the perfect companion on the go or at work, because no matter where or what –  it provides relief. Dry, cracked elbows from being propped up at your desk? Just gently massage with a little balm. Chapped lips, but you want to apply a stylish matt lipstick for the next video call? Apply some balm and your lip make-up is ready to go!

Relax Stress-Defender Serum

Spa-Day for the skin! Everyday stress factors like environmental influences and UV radiation can throw our skin off balance. The Relax Stress-Defender Serum ensures regenerated and radiant skin. The facial serum with five percent squalane hydrates the skin without making it feel greasy.

Beauty Tip:
Before applying the serum, the face should be thoroughly cleansed in the morning and evening. This way, the skin is relieved of dead skin cells, a little sweat and any excess sebum in the morning, and any make-up as well as harmful environmental influences are removed before going to bed at night. After cleansing, the skin can optimally absorb the serum and regenerate effortlessly.

Youth Boost Serum

The Youth Boost Serum is a true insider tip when it comes to a youthful glow – and a true power package: With hyaluronic acid and bakuchiol as a gentle alternative to retinol, it ensures a radiant complexion and perfects the texture of the skin. In addition, it contains a vegan alternative to collagen extracted from the red acacia tree to moisturize the skin. The pipette allows an easy and hygienic dosage. Simply place the serum on the fingers and gently massage it into the skin of your face.

Beauty Tip:
The best defence against premature ageing of the skin is to protect it from harmful environmental influences and UV radiation, even in the winter. This serum can be ideally combined with a face cream with SPF or sun cream in the morning as part of your beauty routine. After cleansing the face, first gently massage the serum into the skin, then apply moisturizer and sunscreen. Not only does this protect the skin against harmful influences, the moisturizing kick also conjures-up a fresh glow on your face!