Limited Edition “Sense of Simplicity” by CATRICE

August 2015 - September 2015

Simplify your life. Minimalistic design with maximum benefits. The look of the 90ies is back and it’s conquering the catwalks. Clean. Casual. Chic. Designers are creating a fashion flashback with linear cuts and selected high-tech materials like neoprene. Black and white, the messengers of understatement and luxury, are combined with clear colours such as bright pink and orange. Silver with a mirror glaze provides a cool twist and sets innovative highlights. The Limited Edition “Sense of Simplicity” by CATRICE brings the look of the 90’s to the here and now. From August to mid-September 2015, conspicuously minimalistic beauty products with a metallic and semi-matt finish underline the fashion trend of the season. There is beauty in simplicity – by CATRICE.

Bouncy Eyeshadow

Explore the 90ies. Expressive eye make-up looks are easy to achieve with the Bouncy Eyeshadows, which have a particularly supple, slightly convex texture that spreads wonderfully on your lid. The long-lasting, trendy eyeshadow is available in black-graphite with a subtle diamond shine, plain silver and shimmering rosé. All colours offer a convincing high coverage and a metallic finish.

Cream to Powder Blush

More Pink. The pink cream blush with a powdery-matt finish can be applied with your finger or a brush. The smooth and creamy texture offers a fresh boost of colour without a shimmer – for a long-lasting, healthy glow.

Transparent Mattifying Powder

Straight. Suitable for every skin type, this transparent powder sets your make-up and mattifies your skin for hours. There is a mirror on the inside of the packaging, making the powder an ideal beauty helper for on the go. For a silky finish and a smooth, flawless complexion.

Juicy Gloss

Unforgettable. The Juicy Gloss is the new icon amongst lip products. Its semi-transparent texture feels pleasantly light on your lips and veils them with a hint of colour in a choice of soft apricot-rosé, bright pink or warm orange – each with a subtle wet gloss finish.

Latex Lacquer

Backward Future. White, mint, apricot-orange and pink – the nail polish range presents two purists and two feminine splashes of colour. A special highlight: the unique, semi-matt latex finish. All four nail polishes score points for the extra-broad reservoir brush, which allows a fast and simple application. Applying two layers is recommended.

Mirror Glaze Lacquer

Mirror Memory. Metallic silver with a mirror glaze effect is highly coveted and gives the nails a clean, luxurious look. Thanks to the extra-broad reservoir brush, application is smooth and easy. The effect polish with high coverage is worn separately and creates individual highlights.