Limited Edition "ProvoCATRICE"

May 2017 - July 2017

The new CATRICE Limited Edition ProvoCATRICE, available from May until July 2017, is inspired by the fusion of lingerie and sreetwear that can currently be seen on the international catwalks. Sleep wear, for example, the popular slip dress, is being redefined with a modern, everyday look. Delicate lace, translucent fabrics and elegant pearls combined with street style shoes. The classic, seductive lingerie look is united with modern, surprising elements to add fresh expression. The products in the Limited Edition offer many options for perfect make-up: no matter whether subtle and romantic or alluring and intense. Cushion Powder Lips ensure brilliant colour and a matt finish for the lips, Gradation Blushes with a light shimmer create a fresh and radiant complexion. The colour palette of the Limited Edition ranges from soft nude to delicate rosé to bold fuchsia and oxblood.


The innovative Cushion Powder Lips provide intensive colour with tinted lip powder. Available in pink or a light berry shade with a satin-matt finish, they are sure to turn all lips into absolute eye-catchers. The sponge applicator allows a simple, accurate application of the creamy texture, which is inside the lid of the lipstick.

Beauty Tip
Combining more than one colour leads to especially creative make-up styles. In addition to Ombré and Bitten Lips (with a colour gradient from light to dark and vice versa), Colour Blocking is currently all the rage: this means applying a different shade on the upper and lower lip. For those who aren’t quite as daring, apply different nuances of the same colour to create statement lips with a more subtle contrast.


The Eye Palette contains two shimmering and two matt eye shadows in fashionable shades with a silky-powdery texture. A matching eyeliner in intensive oxblood perfectly complements the highly pigmented eye shadows. Thanks to the supple formula, the eye shadows are easy to blend and can be combined to create versatile make-up styles.

Beauty Tip
Eyeliner can effectively complement any make-up style. Compared to classic black, oxblood eyeliner ensures a softer look and subtly accentuates the lashes. Eyeliner (the closer to the lash line, the better!) creates the impression of fuller and more voluminous lashes, and a coat of mascara enhances the effect. Use a lighter eye shadow to set highlights on the inner corners of the eye and underneath the brow arch to complete the eye make-up look.


Ensures a radiant complexion: the powder blush in pink or berry. Each blush contains a light, shimmering tone and a darker, matte shade that blend together. The Gradation Blushes also look fabulous with their elegant white packaging and eye-catching colour gradient.

Beauty Tip
Blush is usually applied on the cheeks, but it offers various other usage options. When applied on the moveable part of the eyelid, blush can replace eye shadow and applied on top of lip balm, the colour pigments can give the lips a naturally gorgeous look. The latest trend: Draping. In a similar way to contouring, different shades of blush are applied on the cheeks and other areas - like the temples or along the hairline – to sculpt the face and create a fresh complexion.


Five nail polishes with a longlasting formula and varying effects depending on the shade. The coverage is in line with the colour of the nail polish. Available in various shades of pink, fuchsia and purple, the nail polishes perfectly round off the Limited Edition.

Beauty Tip
Correct care lays the foundation for perfect nails that are always on trend. Pushing back the cuticles, pampering the nails and priming them with a base coat are all essential parts of preparing for a manicure. The colour nail polish can be applied as soon as the base coat is dry. It’s best to apply two thin coats rather than one thick coat – this way, the polish dries faster and your nails will look flawless. Adding a top coat as the final step enhances the shine and makes the nail polish last longer.


The finely ground, transparent body powder has an impressive, pleasant fragrance and a subtle, shimmering finish. Due to the transparent texture, the Scented Powder is suitable for all skin types. The shimmering finish looks fabulous as a highlighter on the face and sets gorgeous accents on the neckline, too. Especially beautiful on tanned skin.

Beauty Tip
Legs are often neglected during the winter months, so they are grateful for radiant highlights when the first rays of the sun appear on the scene. For festive events or short dresses, get your legs ready with an artificial tan or highlights. Just like contouring the face, the skilful use of lighter and darker shades can make the legs look more defined.


Micro-fine, white powder particles intensify the volume of the lashes. Use the innovative sponge applicator to apply on top of mascara while the lashes are still moist and then add another coat of mascara. In combination with volume mascara, the powder texture ensures an extreme wow-effect!

Beauty Tip
Using a lash curler before the application of mascara is highly recommended, especially for straight lashes. For best results, place the curler as close to the base of the lashes as possible. Make sure that it still feels comfortable to use. Press and hold for up to 30 seconds until the lashes are slightly curled. As the final step, apply mascara. Start as close to the base of the lashes as possible and then gently zigzag the brush upwards to evenly cover the lashes with mascara.