Limited Edition "Minnie & Daisy"

March 2020 - May 2020

If you're a fan of pop culture icons, there's no getting around these two cult figures and probably the most famous animated BFFs of all time: Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck. Whether on fashion items or accessories, the two cheerful Disney characters have been a modern classic for a long time. Now they have also inspired CATRICE to create a collection: From mid-March to mid-April, the CATRICE Limited Edition Minnie & Daisy is available with a total of six trendy mini nail polishes, two highly pigmented eyeshadow palettes and an eye brush set – all in the design of the famous Disney duo.


The two Eyeshadow Palettes in the Limited Edition Minnie & Daisy each offer nine colour-coordinated eyeshadows, which can be used to create gentle eye make-up styles or expressive Smokey Eyes. The colours of the Minnie Palette are characterised by warm nude and red tones, while the shades of the Daisy Palette mainly contain pink and purple hues. Not only the intense colours of the powder eyeshadows, but also the high-quality packaging is a real eye-catcher: equipped with a mirror, it is perfectly suitable for applying or touching up your eye make-up on the go.

Beauty Tip
The two Eyeshadow Palettes offer all the shades necessary to create the appropriate eye make-up style for any occasion – whether an everyday look in nude tones or accentuated Smokey Eyes. For an eye make-up style with emphasizing accents, evenly apply one of the shimmering eyeshadows on the moveable part of the eyelid. Apply the lightest shade of the palette on the inner corner of the eye and the brow arch. To give the eyelid added depth, apply a darker shade on the outer corner of the eye and along the lower lash line. Finally, blend everything with a soft nude shade.


The cute mini nail polishes in a Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck design are available in three trendy shades, from nude to red – matching the respective Minnie and Daisy Eyeshadow Palette. The six nail polishes leave behind a perfect gel nail finish and last up to seven days without a top coat.

Beauty Tip
To achieve a smooth and clean gel nail look, it is important to prepare the nails before applying the nail polish. First, file the nails neatly into the desired shape and apply a base coat. Let it dry well and then apply two coats of nail polish. It is important to apply the polish in thin and smooth layers, so that it dries better and looks more even.