Limited Edition "MALAIKARAISS"

July 2018 - September 2018

Malaika Fashion – a perfect symbiosis of “casual” and “sophisticated” lifestyle, feminine designs and playful minimalism. Since establishing her label in 2010, the internationally renowned fashion designer has been skilfully combining the apparent contradictions of strong with delicate and minimalistic with playful in line with the spirit of the times. The CATRICE Limited Edition “MALAIKARAISS” is the result of a collaboration with the fashion designer and unites the mutual “Positive Vibes” philosophy of both brands. The product portfolio with a selective design offers exclusive beauty must-haves that ensure a radiant, fresh complexion for a flawless look. Soft, pastel and cheerful shades exude a sheer joy of life, while berry, pink and nude tones add depth and set striking accents. Good Things Happen – with CATRICE and Malaika Raiss.


Casual Matt. Blush with a strong colour pigmentation and mattifying results. First soft and smooth, then powdery and delicate, the innovative hybrid texture becomes one with the skin.

Beauty Tip
Finding the perfect blush is a real challenge. It is not only available in a multitude of colours, the textures also range from powdery to creamy to liquid to a solid stick shape. The Cream to Powder Blush has an innovative hybrid texture that’s starts off as a cream in a tub and is applied with a finger or brush. Upon contact with the skin, the blush melts and can be worked into the skin and blended in gentle circular movements. The result is powdery with a soft, matte finish. It’s important to powder the face first and then apply the Cream to Powder Blush as a colour highlight. Thanks to its creamy consistency and higher fat content, this blush is also ideal for use on dry skin.


Precious Pow(d)er. Here comes a bronzer with an innovative hybrid texture. First creamy and smooth, then powdery and delicate, it is easy to blend and sets mattifying, sun-kissed accents.

Beauty Tip
Bronzer gives the face definition as well as a healthy tanned look – like you just returned from a relaxing vacation. To make sure that the results look natural and smooth, make-up artists recommend applying foundation on the face as a base first. The bronzer is applied next in small, circular motions in line with the shape of your face. By the way: don’t despair if you apply too much bronzer by mistake, this can easily be corrected with transparent powder.


Feminine Future: Highlighter with a soft shimmer. The innovative hybrid texture with an intensive pigmentation practically melts with the skin, is easy to blend and has a surprising powdery finish.

Beauty Tip
Highlighters emphasize the facial features and create a gorgeous glow that everybody loves. All highlighters follow the same success formula: they are applied on the raised areas of the face that naturally hit the light like the bridge of the nose or the highest point of the cheekbones. For especially natural-looking results, experts recommend using a soft blender brush or applying the texture with a finger and following the natural facial features. It’s important to apply the highlighter in gentle sweeping motions rather than in rigid, straight lines. Softly blend the texture after application for flawless results.


Glow for Fun: here comes a primer for a fresh and radiant complexion. It perfectly preps the skin for make-up and extends the wear of your foundation. With a light pearl effect for naturally gorgeous radiance.

Beauty Tip
The Healthy Glow Primer can be applied pure for a beautiful glow or underneath foundation to make it last longer. Applied around the eyes and on the lids, the primer offers additional benefits: it conceals small crow’s feet, balances out colour irregularities and extends the durability of your eye make-up. Thanks to the fine shimmer, the eyes instantly look wide-awake, bright and beautiful.


Lip Love is real... Lipstick with an intensive pigmentation and silky-matte finish. Feels pleasant to wear and won’t dry out the lips. Available in two intensive, feminine colours.

Beauty Tip
An accurate application is especially important with intensive colours. Experts recommend starting at one corner of the lips and then drawing the colour on all around. Don’t forget to actually apply the colour in the corners of the lips, too! Then press the lips together to evenly distribute the colour. For perfect results, outline the lips with a matching lip liner. The lip liner can be applied in advance to prevent lipstick from bleeding or afterwards to correct small mistakes.


Never without! The super-light setting spray primes, fixes and refreshes. The professional, fine nozzle ensures a quick and easy application.

Beauty Tip
What a top coat is to the nails, the fixing spray is to the make-up. It extends the staying power and refreshes the look so there’s no need for annoying make-up touch-ups. Simply close your mouth and eyes, and spray onto the face from a distance of approximately 30 centimetres. The fine texture covers the make-up like a protective film, sets it in place and protects the colour luminosity as well as offering a mattifying effect for the skin. It’s also a fantastic Beauty Helper in extreme weather conditions like high humidity because it protects the make-up from moisture.


Fashionable Nails. Mini nail polishes in two trendy colours and the tried-and-tested ICONails quality. Aligned with the coming collection for perfect, individual looks.

Beauty Tip
These three tips turn polishing your nails into a stress-free endeavour. Tip number 1: it’s better to apply several thin coats than one that’s too thick. Nail polish that has been applied too thickly doesn’t dry well, so the results can look dented and streaky. Tip number 2: even if nail polish appears dry on the surface, it takes hours (!) to dry thoroughly. You can speed up the process by holding nail polish that is dry on the surface under cold, running water. And last but not least, tip number 3: wait at least an hour before you take a shower after polishing your nails, otherwise the heat may make small bubbles appear on the polish.


All-rounder Brush. High-quality face brush with soft, tightly bound synthetic bristles in a practical travel size. For multi-functional application – it’s suitable for powder as well as cream textures.

Beauty Tip
Its rounded silhouette and thick bristles turn this Face Brush into a true multi-tasking beauty talent. Rounded brushes are ideal for generous, large-surface application. They create soft transitions so sharp make-up edges don’t stand a chance. Because of this, rounded brushes are suitable for all types of foundation as well as bronzer or blush – no matter whether liquid, creamy or powdery. The beautiful design of the handle and the practical size make the Multitasking Face Brush an absolute must-have for all beauties.


Happy Brows! This classic eyebrow pencil with a spiral brush is available in two shades. The velvety, soft texture with integrated fibres ensures evenly filled in brows for gorgeous and natural-looking results.

Beauty Tip
You can not only enhance your brows with an eyebrow pencil, it also allows you to draw additional tiny “hairs” precisely to conceal any gaps. This visibly fills in the brows and creates a beautiful frame for your eye make-up. Choosing the right colour is absolutely essential for the success of this Beauty Mission: if the shade is too dark, it will dominate the eye make-up and lead to unnatural-looking results, while a shade that’s too light can draw attention away from the brows so the results are hard to see. Experts recommend selecting a shade that is as close as possible to the natural colour of your brows.