Limited Edition "lala Berlin"

April 2018 - May 2018

Fashion Proof. The CATRICE Limited Edition "lala Berlin" is the result of a co-operation with the internationally renowned fashion label of the same name. Developed in close collaboration with the Berlin designer Leyla Piedayesh, the trend products use holographic effects to ensure a special glow - perfectly aligned with the designer's Spring/Summer collection. CATRICE and lala Berlin have been collaborating at regular intervals for four years now. "Holographic effects perfectly round off the grown-up, urban look of lala Berlin. Having CATRICE as a partner allows us to achieve this symbiosis of fashion and beauty," states designer Leyla Piedayesh.

Glam & Doll Orange Mascara

Daring mascara for an eye-catching look! Doll Eyes have been dominating the international catwalks for years. Now the best-selling mascara with a convincing elastomer brush is available in bright orange. The brush captures a generous amount of the creamy texture to ensure an expressive eye make-up look with thick lashes and XXL volume. Can be applied solo or as a topper. This shade is strictly limited!

Beauty Tip
There's no limit to your creativity with colour mascaras! If they are applied on the entire lashes for an expressive look, the focus should be on the eye make-up. Or you can use the colour as a topper on the tip of the lashes for a look that's more subtle and suitable for every day. The wow-effect is especially strong if the colour of the mascara and the eyes are totally different. Orange mascara offers a fantastic contrast to green or blue eyes, while it gives brown eyes warmth and fire.

Holographic Eye Stripes

A perfect line is guaranteed with the self-adhesive Eye Liner Stripes. The holographic design adds a futuristic touch and thanks to the various thicknesses, there's plenty of room to create unique beauty looks. Absolutely symmetrical and accurate!

Beauty Tip
To make sure that the self-adhesive lines stay put, the eyelid should be thoroughly clean and free of oil. Once the eye is prepped, remove the stickers from the foil and place on the upper lashline. Any gaps between the lashline and sticker can later be concealed with an eyeliner or eyeshadow in the same colour. To shorten the length or create even more innovative styles, feel free to cut the individual foils into the desired shape.

Lip Glace

Two lipglosses, two effects. Cosmic Babe, a soft pink shade, and Cosmic Night, the dark blue-black of the night - the two lipglosses could hardly be any more different. Yet they both create an intensive, holographic look! Both Lip Glaces can be applied solo or as a top coat. Now nothing can stand in the way of your creativity.

Beauty Tip
Holographic lipglosses turn the lips into moist and shiny works of art. Simply apply, solo or on top of your favourite lipstick, and the effect will provide your lips with a multi-faceted shine. Holographic lipsticks suit every skin tone and are easy to use. These holographic favourites are absolute must-haves for all true trendsetters.

Multitasking Brush

Multifunctional brush with soft, thick and high-quality synthetic bristles. Thanks to the straight edge of the brush, all powder textures can be applied accurately. The design is clear and minimalistic in its silhouette with a holographic element as a futuristic touch - a real eye-catcher amongst the beauty accessories.

Beauty Tip
High-quality brushes with synthetic bristles don't fall short compared to brushes made of real hair. Cleaning them is just as much a part of the everyday beauty routine and should take place regularly. However, a big advantage of synthetic bristles is that they are particularly smooth so they don't capture much dust or make-up residues. Rinsing them under warm water is often enough. If you clean your brushes regularly, they will last longer and save you money. Cleaning them also prevents the build-up of bacteria, which could otherwise lead to skin impurities.

Prismatic Paint

All-rounder. The limited highlighter sticks are extremely versatile and score points for their particularly creamy texture and medium coverage. Can be used for generous holographic highlights on the lips, eyes and cheeks or to set targeted accents. There is a choice of three prismatic colours: peach, pink and sky blue.

Beauty Tip
Colour highlighter sticks are extremely versatile. Used as classic highlighter, they can be used to accentuate specific facial features. A soft line on the bridge of the nose or along the cupid's bow of the lips refines the silhouette. Targeted points of light on the inner corners of the eyes or underneath the uppermost point of the brow create a wide-awake look. Highlights above the cheekbones and along the temples ensure a fresh complexion. Used as a lipstick or eyeshadow, there's plenty of scope for creativity. The three colours can be mixed and matched as desired and guarantee a radiant, futuristic look. It's best to use in highlighter sparingly, blend it well and build with extra layers as needed.

Prismatic Palette

Three powder eyeshadows in a unique palette. The colours - silver-grey, anthracite and golden beige - are harmoniously aligned and create shimmering eye make-up styles that are at the same time grown-up and urban. The high-quality textures are extremely convincing with their intensive holographic finish. Practical for on the go: the large integrated mirror.

Beauty Tip
For an especially intense eye make-up style, apply the light, silver-grey on the entire moveable part of the lid and then accentuate the crease as well as the outer corners of the eye with the darker anthracite shade. As the third step, use the warm golden beige to softly blend the transitions and set highlights underneath the brow arch and on the inner corners of the eye.

Strobing Luminizer

Liquid, black gel primer that turns transparent upon contact with the skin and perfectly complements the concept of strobing. The innovative texture can either be used as a primer underneath foundation or as a highlighter. The softly glittering finish accentuates the contours of the face and gives the skin a natural glow. The premium pump dispenser is especially practical as it allows an easy dosage. Thanks to the transparent texture, the Strobing Luminizer is suitable for all skin tones.

Beauty Tip
If you're trying out the Strobing Trend for the first time, it's best to test the effect on smaller areas of the face. Even a tiny amount of the liquid gel primer on the top of the brow arch, on the bridge of the nose or along the cupid's bow of the lips creates a fresh look with a gorgeous glow.