A perfect match for the coming holiday season: The Kaviar Gauche gift set is available in selected stores. The brush set contains a brush bag and three brushes made of high-quality synthetic hair.

UVP 17,99 €

Limited Edition “Kaviar Gauche”

November 2017 - January 2018

Kaviar Gauche is one of the most popular fashion labels in Germany and is best known for its romantic wedding dresses. CATRICE is collaborating with Kaviar Gauche for the third time in a row and has created exclusive products and beauty tools within the framework of this collaboration. A professional brush collection consisting of four high quality brushes with synthetic bristles and a brush bag is complemented by a golden highlighter and a harmoniously coordinated eye shadow palette. The Kaviar Gauche design is not only found on the packaging of the products, it is also embossed on the textures. The colour scheme consists of delicate nude and rosé tones for a subtle and at the same time festive look.

Blush & Contour Brush

The ergonomic shape of the brush gently adapts to the individual shape of the face thanks to the slightly slanted bristles, so it’s ideal for contouring and modelling the cheeks, chin and temples with blush or bronzer. The brush perfectly captures creamy as well as powdery textures and applies them in such a way that they practically melt with your complexion.

Beauty Tip
To add contours to the face, apply shades that are darker than your own skin tone on the areas that should visibly recede into the background. The make-up technique “Draping” uses blush instead of bronzer (“Contouring”) to model the shape of the face. The result looks very natural and gives the face a fresh look, while Contouring often creates a slightly tanned look.

Brush Bag

With its individual compartments, the high quality Brush Bag offers a practical and at the same time elegant solution for storing brushes. In the typical Kaviar Gauche design with a large bow and in an elegant nude tone, the Brush Bag offers space to store five brushes. All essentials from a face brush for foundation to a blush/bronzer brush to an eye lid/eye blender brush can be stored in an organised manner. It is especially important to store brushes carefully whilst travelling as they could otherwise be damaged.

Eye Blender Brush

The Blender Brush evenly distributes eye shadow textures on the upper and lower lid. Perfect for Smokey Eyes: thanks to the soft bristles, transitions in different colours can be blended effortlessly for a harmonious eye make-up look.

Beauty Tip
The Eye Blender Brush is great for blending textures into the crease of the lid – this make-up technique visibly adds depth and is ideal for concealing drooping eyelids as the dark texture creates the illusion of a “new” crease in the lid. Important to note: shimmering or shiny eye shadows emphasize the area they are applied on, so it’s best to avoid using them in the crease of the lid. To achieve the desired effect, use an eye shadow with a matte or only slightly shimmering effect.

Eye Lid Brush

The soft bristles let you apply textures on the moveable part of the lid smoothly and effortlessly. The Eye Lid Brush is also suitable for emphasizing the lower lash line – for a complete eye make-up look with just one brush. Thanks to the densely bound bristles, the brush is easily controlled so it is also possible to create fine details and apply eye shadow on hard-to-reach areas.

Beauty Tip
Brushes with synthetic bristles can be used for the application of liquid as well as cream and powder textures. The Eye Lid Brush allows you to create make-up looks that combine various products. Liquid or cream textures are ideal as a basis, as they work like a primer and other products adhere to them better than on naked skin. This means that any powder textures applied on top will last longer – for a gorgeous look that can handle even the longest day, or night!

Eye Shadow Palette

The personal touch and distinctive style of Kaviar Gauche is reflected in the Eye Shadow Palette with soft nude and brown shades. The powder eye shadows with matte and slightly shimmering effects are perfectly aligned and ensure festive eye make-up styles. The palette is the must-have for the handbag as the integrated mirror makes a complete make-up look or quick touch-ups on the go easy to achieve.

Beauty Tip
The shimmering nude tone is ideal for setting targeted highlights on the inner corner of the eye and underneath the brow arch to visible lift the brows and open the eyes. Next, apply the lightest brown shade on the entire moveable part of the lid and add the middle brown shade with a shimmer on the outer corners of the eye. As the final step, blend the darkest tone into the crease of the lid and along the lower lash line with a blender brush to create an illusion of depth.


The golden powder Highlighter with a silky texture creates a radiant glow thanks to its light-reflecting pigments. The transparent lid offers a lovely view of the powder, which is pressed into the shape of a blossom and is suitable for all skin tones with its golden colour. The powder texture is best applied using the Highlighter Brush for a natural finish full of effects.

Beauty Tip
The highlighter brush first found fame as a professional tool and has meanwhile made it into almost every cosmetics bag. It has a flat shape, which makes it easy to apply highlighter on the specific areas of skin that you wish to emphasize like the temples, bridge of the nose, cheekbones and the cupid’s bow of the lips. For especially intensive results, highlight the outer corners of the eyes and the cheekbones in a C-shape.

Highlighter Brush

The Highlighter Brush with high quality, synthetic bristles is particularly suitable for applying and blending powdery textures. Thanks to its special shape, the brush is perfect for the accurate application of highlighter and creates a soft, natural finish.

Beauty Tip
The Highlighter Brush, also named Fan Brush, has broad, fan-shaped bristles for the accurate application of highlighter. Targeted highlights on the cheekbones and the bridge of your nose look especially natural when they are applied sparingly.